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This is the official wiki for Elysian Fields, an original and somewhat eclectic fantasy set in a massive, open universe you can explore and build on.

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Elysian Fields was founded in June 2006 and stayed running (and evolving!) until March 2013.

We are a play-by-post forum-based game with a fun and friendly atmosphere for roleplayers of all ages and levels of experience. We operate on a skill system that keeps characters balanced, but we value freedom and the ability to have fun in a flexible community.

Whether you are passionate about roleplaying, like a bit of worldbuilding, or just want to enjoy a fun and easy-going experience, you are welcome to join us!

Your characters. Your creations. Your game.

About the Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields is set mainly on Elysia?, one of four known realms created by the gods. With some technology based on crystals, Elysia nevertheless relies heavily on beasts of burden and family-run, eco-friendly cottage industries. Towns are few and far between and the wilderness is rife with danger, but Xanth's Children have thrived here.

It is home, it is wild, and it is breath-taking—but mind your step.
Current Plot Featured Lore
In Erimis of 10,012 XA?, Elysians discovered Acantha in a plot that released the Malaki and Mystriders as new playable races. We are currently exploring the aftermath of this discovery and the quake that shook Xanth's worlds.
Character Census

Male: 58
Female: 70

Anyeli: 14
Dracovari: 12
Humans: 2
Malaki: 0
Mystriders: 0
Nymphs: 11
Therians: 10
Vampires: 8
Zanaryans: 7

Apali: 6
Skotadi: 6

Aurumi: 2
Peteulani: 5
Rutili: 3
Viridi: 1

Charmers: 4
Hunters: 4

Ayads: 4

Dryads: 2
Nereids: 3
Nyads: 2

Daos: 2
Djinni: 1
Ifriit: 1
Mariid: 2

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