This is a detailed guide that takes you through our application template and attempts to give full explanations for each of the fields. We especially recommend using this guide if you are applying for your first character as EF has a lot of setting-specific quirks and a wealth of lore to digest.

Before you begin to create your character, please be aware of a few things:

  • EF is not a canon board and only accepts original characters.
  • Plagiarism (stealing) of characters, either from officially copyrighted sources (such as books, films or TV) or from unofficial sources (such as other players), is not tolerated.

If you need any assistance, you can contact an admin or post in our Help & Feedback board. :)


The Top Section

This section of the application form is to give as much information in as small a space as possible so the staff and other players can get a quick overview of your character. (:toggle id=one show="Show the Top Section guide." hide="Hide the Top Section guide.":)

Character's name or alias
How does your character introduce themselves? Do they use their real name or an alias (such as in the case of a secret identity, or perhaps a vampire or Dracovarian who has lived several lifetimes and cycled through identities in the process)? :+ Please use only their short name (your character's name and their father's name) here or the name they use to introduce themselves. Please use the Name field in the Background section for their real or full name.
The display name of your forum account should be your character's given name, whether that is their actual name or an alias. (For instance, if your character is called "Ezekiel Taskel" and goes by the name "Kiel", your account display name should be "Kiel".)
We strongly encourage you to choose names that fit your character's culture and background, so be sure to check the Names section of their racial profile.
The Image
You can use an image up to 500 pixels wide (though preferably no taller than 300px) to represent your character. This image should be credited.
Specialty Class Race
Replace this line with the appropriate descriptors, ie. if your character is an Ayad Wanderer, you would put WANDERER AYAD NYMPH, whereas for a Hunter Vampire, you would put HUNTER VAMPIRE.
For more information about the playable races, their classes and specialties, please take a look at their individual profiles.
There are only the two choose from.
How old is your character? Please check the age chart on the appropriate race page. Characters age differently according to their species.
Characters get 5 free skills points which must be spent during the application process, so they should be in the Young Adult age band or older.
What do they do for a living? You can find an (incomplete) list of possible jobs here.
If you think of a job that is not on the list, run it by Emma?. If it is suitable for this setting, she will add it.
This can be either their birthplace, if they still live there, or their current town of residence. However, citizenship does not only mean residence. In some places, like Hesia?, you must earn or buy citizenship, such as by swearing an oath to follow the laws of that town. In others, you must win citizenship by swearing loyalty to its residents (such as in the Category.Nymph communes). If your character has not earned citizenship on their own merits, they will default to their birthplace.
Is your character a member of an organisation? If so, which one?
You can submit? new organisations if the ones already listed do not suit your character.

The Appearance Section

The appearance section is largely self-explanatory but is to describe your character's physical appearance. (:toggle id=appearance show="Show the Appearance Section guide." hide="Hide the Appearance Section guide.":)

While humans can vary significantly in their height, many of the Elysian races fall into a specific range because of the way they have evolved. This is especially true of those created by Xanth since she used her own blood to do so. Please check the Appearance section of your character's racial profile to determine the range available for your character.
Are they overweight, underweight? Have they developed the physique of a swimmer, or the upper body strength of an axeman? :+ Consider your character's occupation and training to date. An inter-city courier required to travel significant distances will not have the same physique as an intra-city courier required to run short distances repeatedly.
Eye colour
The range of colours available is determined by your character's species and class( ie, a Zanaryan can have red eyes while a Peteulanus can cross the blue spectrum from ice to midnight) though most have only the normal human range.
Hair colour
What colour is their hair? Again, this is largely determined by the evolution and possible inter-breeding of your character's species. Zanaryans can have white hair, but the rest have only the normal human range.
First Impressions
What are other characters likely to notice or think about your character when they first see or meet them, Racial prejudices tie in to this (such as a Therian seeing a vampire and immediately bristling), but try to elaborate on personal details. (For instance, if your character is a Nymph, have they adopted the fashion of the urban centre they are visiting? If your character is Therian, have they bothered with clothes at all?) :+ Also think about how your character holds themselves. Are they approachable or do they look surly (whether or not they actually are). Are they likely to be wearing or carrying anything that might draw attention or serve as a conversation starter?
Distinguishing Features
Where First Impressions asks for the overall first glimpse, this field is asking for anything that would set your character apart from someone who looks identical. Do they have any tattoos, birth marks, scars, jewellery[^Garments in Elysia are tailored and sewn by hand. Likewise, jewellery is handmade so no two items are ever the same.^], freckles, hair dye, damaged wings or horns, or even a way of styling their hair that would help identify them if they were killed or knocked out?
Play-by Description
You can choose to rely solely on a graphic representation of your character if you feel this would describe your character better than words. (Some of us prefer visual representations, anyway.) This is especially handy if you can produce your own artwork of your character, such as a digital doll or sketch, that matches them perfectly. (Just don't forget to credit!) :+ Alternatively, you can offer a written description of their general appearance where you can talk about things like their posture, gait, bearing, how they use their body to communicate, typical expressions, physical habits, fashion choices, voice, and so on. :+ You are welcome to include both an image and written description, especially if your character's description differs from the base play-by, but make sure your face claim is appropriate.

The Personality Section

The personality section is to give us an idea of how your character acts normally and in stressful situations. (:toggle id=personality show="Show the Personality Section guide." hide="Hide the Personality Section guide.":)

Describe your character's personality. (We recommend between 150 and 500 words.) What is their general attitude, how do they react in normal situations, how will they react in stressful or traumatic situations (eg. are they likely to react in stressful or traumatic situations (eg. are they likely to run or fight?), and so on.

You can combine your character's personality with their history if you feel the two are intertwined.

The Background Section

The Background section will give us an idea of what has happened to shape your character from birth, including their parentage and history. (:toggle id=background show="Show the Background Section guide." hide="Hide the Background Section guide.":)

If you put an alias or short name in the Name field of the Top section, please put their real name, previous names (including their birth name) and/or full name (eg. for Zanaryans) here. :+ You are not expected to reel off a Zanaryan character's full lineage. All you need to create one is his title, name, House, father, occupation and current residence, to be recorded in this field. If you encounter formal occasions, you can simply say that he gave his full name rather than having to actually list all your character's markers.
If your character does not have an alias, a list of previous identities (which you also do not need to decide on right away if you do not wish to) or full name, you can delete this field.
Please use the Elysian calendar (XA?) if your character is Elysian, the Zanaryan calendar (ZT?) if they are Zanaryan, or the Earth calendar (AD) in the rare event they are from Earth.
The Elysian date is our year plus 8,000 (eg. 2012 AD is 10,012 XA). The Zanaryan calendar is our year plus 7,040 (eg. 2012 AD is 9,052 ZT).
Date of Infection
When was your character infected with the Bloodlust Virus? This field can be deleted if your character is not a vampire.
Original Species
If your character is now a vampire, what were they before? (Remember, only certain races can be turned successfully. The rest either die, turn into a hind or are physically damaged in the process.) This field can be deleted if your character is not a vampire.
Secondary Species
If your character is a hybrid, you will need to choose a primary species, to be listed in the Top Section, which will determine the skills and physical features available to them. Please put here what their secondary species is (eg. if your character is a Therian-Nymph half-breed but they are following the path of a Therian, you would put Therian in the Top Section and Nymph here).
Where was your character born? If different, where did they grow up?
Financial Status
How wealthy/poor are they? Has this changed since childhood (ie, the daughter of a wealthy merchant striking out on her own)?
Characters should be balanced, so if you already have a wealthy character you must have a non-wealthy character before you can choose to create another wealthy one. However, once approved, they are not static so you can develop them financially (ie, maybe they get a better job or discover treasure).


In the Affiliations sub-section, the application asks for information about your character's networking and connections.

Clan, House, Commune, Coven or Division
Depending on your character's species, they may be born into or join a racial group. For instance, Therians are traditionally born into a clan, Zanaryans are automatically members of a House or Great House, and Nymphs are normally members of a commune. Vampires can join a coven or cabal while Anyeli still in military service should be in a particular division of said military.
There is a list of pre-existing groups for you to choose from, or you can submit? your own.
Marital Status
Is your character single, in a relationship, engaged to be committed, or committed?
Spouse, Mate, Partner or Lifemate
Choose the one that most fits your character according to the Marriage notes (ie, if your character is Therian and is in a committed relationship with another Therian, they are most likely mated so you would delete all but "Mate"). What is the name of their better half?
If your character has children, what are their names, genders and ages? If they will be appearing in roleplay, please create NPC? profiles for each of them.
What is the name of your character's father? You can also choose to note if they are dead, as well as their species, class and age.
Same as Father, but for mother.
Same as Children, but for siblings.
Paternal Grandparents
What are the names of the parents of your character's father? (This field is optional.)
Maternal Grandparents
What are the names of the parents of your character's mother? (This field is optional.)
Skill Master
A Skill Master is the person (or people) responsible for teaching your character their racial and/or class skills. This could be a parent, older sibling or other relative, or it could be someone who charges for their services (such as a Peteulanus looking for an apprentice). Your character's Skill Master can be an NPC? or you could approach another player to see if they will agree to offer the services of one of their characters. (This field is optional.)
Boss or Master
Who employs your character? Only include this field if they work for the same person or people all the time. A boss is just someone who hires your character to do a job, but a Master is someone from whom your character is learning a craft or trade. Either can be a member of your character's family (such as them working on their father's farm) or another NPC, or you could approach another player to see if they will agree to an arrangement with one of their characters. (This field is optional.)
Please list any organisations or groups to whom your character is affiliated or a member (such as religious cults, mercenary gangs, etc) and the rank (if applicable) your character holds with them. You would then put their primary allegiance in the Guild field of the Top Section (eg. if they are a member of Alexandrian Town Guard? but also a member of Black Rose?, they would be expected to hold the cabal as their top priority and it would thus be the organisation you list as their Guild). (This field is optional.)
There is a list of pre-existing organisations available here for you to choose from, or you can submit? your own.


Please either list as a timeline or describe in paragraph form the significant events in your character's life (eg. the date they passed a ritual, when a parent died, if they were mauled by a monster, etc).

The Forms Section

This section only applies to Therians and can be otherwise deleted. (:toggle id=forms show="Show the Forms Section guide." hide="Hide the Forms Section guide.":)

Depending on how many skill points you put into Form?, your Therian can have one to six different animals to choose from when they morph?. Please use the form provided to list and describe each of them.

What is the species of the animal your Therian has chosen? We encourage you to pick forms from the bestiary, but Earth creatures are also available where their habitat is mirrored in Elysia (ie, there is no known savannah in Elysia so you will not find meerkats, but there is a forest? so you might find bears.
Size and Type
Forms are limited, according to your character's level in the Form skill, by size (small to large) and type (non-predatory or predatory). Animals in our bestiary are tagged appropriately to make them easier to choose from, but Earth animals can be trickier to classify.
If there is information about the appearance of your chosen form, either on EF's wiki or on a reliable website, or the animal is familiar enough globally that we all know what you are talking about, you only need to describe the personal quirks of your character's version (eg. the pattern of any markings, the colour of their fur, and so on). What makes your character unique in this form? :+ However, if there is no reliable information available, you will also need to include a comprehensive description of their overall appearance.

The Inventory Section

EF runs on a points mod (otherwise known as a bank mod), so most items are moderated and must be listed in your character's inventory before they can be used or mentioned in roleplay. Any item that is on sale through either the bazaar or Prize Shop must be purchased or claimed using your Special Item allowance. (:toggle id=inventory show="Show the Inventory Section guide." hide="Hide the Inventory Section guide.":)


Housing is mandatory so you should fill out the House fields, but there are many different types of housing available.
  • Address: Where does your character live? Please list the house number, street name and city. (Rural areas are less likely to have streets or house numbers, so you would simply put the village or commune name instead.)
You can find examples of the adresses used previously in the housing forum, and a list of pre-existing settlements here? for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can submit? your own, or we can help if you are not sure
  • Tier: The tier you can access depends on the Pack? you use to create your character. First characters can only choose housing from Tiers 0 and 1.
  • Type: There are many types of housing within each tier for you to choose from. You can find them and explanations on the Housing page.
  • Description: Please describe your character's home, even if they only have camping equipment they must erect each night. If your character does not even have a tent, talk about what places they might seek shelter (eg. the sewers).
If your character sells their wares via the bazaar, you will need to fill out the Shop form the same as the House form.
Your character's shop can be at the same address as their home if they live above the workshop, such as in an insula, but you will still need to fill out the Shop form.


Dragon or Familiar
The same form is used for both. If your character is a Bonded Summoner, please fill out the form for Dragon and delete "Familiar". If they are a Wanderer, please fill it out for their Familiar. Otherwise, delete this section.
  • Name: What is the name the dragon or animal to whom your character is bonded?
  • Species: If a dragon, put dragon. Otherwise, what type of animal is your character's Familiar?
  • Class: This applies only to dragons and can be deleted otherwise. You can find a list of the dragon classes here.
  • Gender and Age: What gender and how old is the dragon or Familiar?
  • Description: As with the Therian Forms section, please describe the appearance and personality of the dragon or animal, focusing mostly on what sets them apart (or not) from others of their kind.
Companions are pets that have been enchanted via the Prize Shop so are not likely to be available if this is your first character. Most of the fields are identical to the Dragon/Familiar section above.
  • Enchantments: Please describe the enchantment(s) placed on your character's companion. What do these enchantments do? What is the downside to having them?
Pet or Mount
Pets are animals owned by your character, either for companionship or to work (such as with hunting dogs). If such an animal can be ridden, they are classed as a mount instead. The fields in the form are identical to the ones in the Dragon or Familiar section.


Special Items
Each Pack? includes a free special item allowance, which can used to claim anything that is not normally within your character's budget, such as heirloom jewellery, legendary weapons, rare artifacts, books, decorated armour, and so on. Your special item allowance cannot be used to claim enchanted or cursed items. :+ Please repeat the form for each item you wish to claim.
  • Item: What is the name (if applicable) and type of the item you are claiming (eg. "Helblade" or "Ornate mithril armour").
  • Description: Please give a brief description of the item and its heritage, ie. how did your character acquire it, what does it look like, what is it for, and so on.
Enchanted Items
The form for this section is almost identical to the form for Special Items. However, enchanted and cursed items must be bought from the Prize Shop using Karma? Points. :+ Please repeat the form for each item you wish to own.
  • Enchantment or Curse: Please describe the enchantment or cursed placed on the item. What does said enchantment or curse do? What is the downside of owning it?
Combat Gear
This form is the same as the one for Special Items, but is for equipment used solely for battle (eg. weapons, armour, healing potions, etc). All items in this section must be purchased via the Prize Shop or bazaar. Please repeat the form for each item you wish to own.
Miscellaneous and Mundane
This section is the same as the form for the Special Items but is for any item that does not fit in the other sections, from clothing and furniture to books and jewellery. You do not have to list items that have not been purchased (eg. clothing) if you do not wish to.

The Player Section

This section gives us a bit of information about you and outlines how you like to play. (:toggle id=player show="Show the Player Section guide." hide="Hide the Player Section guide.":)

Name or Handle
You do not have to give us your real name if you prefer not to, but obviously we need to call you something so you can choose which to give us.
Referred by
Where did you find out about EF? We offer rewards for referrals, so please tell us, especially if it was from a member who can claim said reward. (This also helps us get a better idea of which of our advertisements is the most successful.)
Gender and Age
These are also optional if you prefer not to tell us. However, if you are over 21, you can request access to the Mature Threads board.
Random Encounters
Are you open to staff-written NPC appearances like sudden attacks, monster encounters, natural disasters, storms, etc? (Players may also roleplay or godmod NPC encounters if they wish, but that would be covered under Permissions and not Random Encounters.)
How much can other people control your character? Are you willing to have your character healed, transformed, tortured or killed? How far will you roleplay before fading to black[^Fading to Black is when a sexual or possibly traumatic situation develops. The rating on our board means that such situations cannot be fully played out, so instead you have the option to either take it to private messages to roleplay privately (if you are over 21) or fade out and assume the rest happened off-screen. Think of it like a scene in a PG-13 movie where, instead of showing the characters having sex or being tortured, you hint that it is going to happen and then cut away to a different scene with it having happened.^]?
What kind of story arcs or plots are you interested in? If your character has goals you would like to explore, or you have plots you would like to get into, you can list them in this section. However, if you would like to generate ideas or brainstorm, please use the Plotting Board.
Other Characters
Please list all your characters on EF, whether they are active, retired or deceased.

The Skills Section

In this section, you need to list the skills you wish to buy for your character, and how many skill points you wish to spend in each. Please note that skills are interconnected: Some require that other skills be upgraded first, or require that weaknesses be upgraded simultaneously to work. You can find out more information on the pre-requisites and unlockables of each skill on its profile. (:toggle id=skills show="Show the Skills Section guide." hide="Hide the Skills Section guide.":)

Packs Used
For admin use only. This field will be filled out by the administrator approving your application and will record which Packs? you used to create your character, along with how many points of the pack you have used.
Posts Used
You can upgrade skills without a pack after your character has been approved using your in-character post count. Each skill point costs 12 in-character posts, but we host giveaways and discounts where the cost may be cheaper so we record how many posts you have used here.
Skill #
Please replace SKILL with the name of the skill you wish to upgrade (eg. Elemental Manipulation). Replace the hashtag # with the number of levels you wish to acquire (eg. 3). The bold tags will be replaced by an administrator to link the skill to its page to make it easier to refer back during roleplay.

Further Reading

Remember that if you have any issues filling out or posting this template, or would like to consult an administrator before you submit a character, you can contact us in our chatbox, our guest-friendly Help & Feedback board, by private message (if registered) or by email.


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