Just because something is new to the wiki does not mean it's new in-game! Unless a page actually says something along the lines of "recently appeared", characters should already know of its existence.

EF's wiki is built on the PmWiki platform and has its own markup (formatting) language, so you might want to play around in the Sandbox before editing a real page.

Editing Pages

To edit or create a wiki page, you'll need the member password, which can be found in the Wiki Access box in the sidebar on the forum index. (This box is only visible to EF's members, so you may need to log in.)
Please sign your work. This is to ensure that credit is properly attributed as well as to track who makes what changes.
You may want to make a wiki profile? for yourself to list your characters and wiki contributions. Probably the easiest way to do this is to edit the link in your browser's address bar from the page you're currently viewing (eg. from .../Main/Submissions to .../Profiles/YourName, like mine?).
Standards & Conventions
Please review the Wiki Standards we've put in place for writing wiki articles. These are geared toward making every page across the wiki consistent, and includes information on how to title pages, how to cross-reference and so on.
Do not use HTML or BBCode. EF's wiki has its own markup instead (see Basic Editing for an introduction).
Tag appropriately
Please review the Category page for a list of tags. Most templates have a list of tags appropriate for those pages.
  • [[!YOURNAME]]
    Your author tag should be on every article you submit or to which you make a significant change or addition.
  • [[!Drafts]]
    If your work is a draft, please use this tag.
  • (:Stub:) and [[!Stubs]]
    Stub articles are pages which require elaboration. This directive and tag should be applied to articles on lore that has not been fully explored or that deserves further development. If you can contribute to a stub, please do!
  • (:Under Construction:)
    Pages should have this directive at the top if they are in the drafting stage. This inserts a message to say that the lore is not approved for canon use. It also lets the staff know that the page is not yet ready for review.
  • (:Awaiting Approval:) and [[!Awaiting Approval]]
    If your page is finished, please replace the (:Under Construction:) directive with this one and add the [[!Awaiting Approval]] tag. This will let staff know the article is ready for review, and will insert a message in the meantime that the lore is not yet approved for canon use pending review.
  • (:Awaiting Changes:)
    If a page has been reviewed and the staff have determined that something needs to be added or changed, they will update the (:Awaiting Approval:) so a message appears informing readers that the lore is not yet approved for canon use pending the appropriate edits. A list of the required changes will be posted on the related -Talk page (found under the Discussion tab for that article) so they can be discussed between the author, the staff and any other interested members.

How to Submit

To add a page to the wiki, please insert the name of the page you want to create (eg. "Chiolen" or "SunshineWinters") into the appropriate buttons below, and then fill out the template (that should be automatically provided) to the best of your ability.

All wiki pages (except for Profiles?) require staff approval and should be saved as drafts. Articles are normally reviewed within a week.

Articles that have not been published are not yet approved and should not be used in roleplay.

(:newpagebox base=Creatures template=EditTemplates.CreatureTemplate value="Create a Creature" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=Plants template=EditTemplates.PlantTemplate value="Create a Plant" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=People template=EditTemplates.OrganisationTemplate value="Create an Organisation" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=Places template=EditTemplates.PlaceTemplate value="Create a Place" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=History template=EditTemplates.HistoricalEventTemplate value="Create a Historical Event" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=Calendar template=EditTemplates.CalendarEventTemplate value="Create a Calendar Event" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=Library template=EditTemplates.LibraryTemplate value="Add a Page to the Library" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=NPCs template=EditTemplates.NPCTemplate value="Create an NPC" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:) (:newpagebox base=ONPCs template=EditTemplates.ONPCTemplate value="Create an ONPC" focus=true label=Go button=right size=40:)

These buttons also appear in the sidebar whenever you're in the appropriate group (eg. while viewing NPCs, you should see buttons to create a new NPC page).

Tips on Submitting

First and foremost, I'm looking for originality in submissions. EF is meant to be an original game, and while in the beginning we referred a lot to, and adapted, mythology and folklore, I'm very much hoping future submissions will be more personal to our setting.

That said, I'm okay with you taking inspiration from things in the real world, as referencing real life is often the best way to keep your ideas realistic and there are so many crazy, wonderful things on Earth, but the key word here is inspiration.

I am very strict about plagiarism where I find it, so please don't submit creatures that aren't yours to submit. I also want EF's setting to be as unique as possible, so I'd rather not find the things in our world on another site.


In submitting your ideas to our site, you are agreeing to let us use them whether or not you remain a member, and obviously given the nature of roleplay that will include other members adding to your work.

I will remove content if the author is adamant about it because our members retain all rights to their own work, but doing so disturbs the flow of the game so I really would rather not do so if it can be avoided (hence this disclaimer).

Copyright will always remain with the author, except in those cases where submissions are directly inspired by or derived from something created specifically for Elysian Fields.

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