Sun(s): Danan
Moons: 1
Continents: 5
Oceans: 3
Area: 4,700,000 sq mi (12,179,944 sq km)
Climate: Varied
Population: 235,000 (0.05 per sq mi)
Races: Malaki (0.7), Mystriders (2.1%), Humans (97.1%), Harpies (0.1%)
Languages: Malaki, Chinyela, Acanthan
Currency: Bartering
Calendar: None
Religion: Danankan?

Acantha is a small world created by and actively governed by a god named Danae?.

Split visibly into different climates and terrains, it houses the majority of the Acanthan population on the eastern half of the mainland, leaving the western hemisphere to the Malaki and the Mystriders.

There is only one portal in Acantha and it is located at the heart of the inhospitable Badlands where it is guarded violently by the Malaki.

To reach Danae's Temple, Chinyelu?, or the human populations in eastern Acantha, one must first brave the geyser-riddled labyrinth of Peace Valley.

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