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Mad Tea Party

In New Alexandria?'s quadrangle?, amid lilac chiolen?, stands the graceful statue, made of purple marble, of a woman with long flowing hair and intricate, delicate faerie wings.

The statue displays such good workmanship you have to wonder if it really is a statue, especially as the eyes seem to follow you everywhere you go.

Still, surely not even a goddess could be fifteen feet tall.

The plinth on which the statue stands is hexagonal and features an X on each face, no doubt in honour of the goddess's name, Xanth. At the base, four bowls carved out of the same purple marble sit in the grass at each compass point, each one containing coins and small valuables. Someone must clean them out regularly, as the contents are never the same, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot lift the items and it's obvious the statue is protected somehow.

Out of Character Information

  • If you want Xanth to join a thread, you need to let me know. I don't actively RP her very often, and it's easy for me to miss the fact that you want her in your thread otherwise.
  • If you have a goal in mind (such as acquiring a custom weapon, or a personal plot), I need to know in advance so we can discuss the details beforehand. (Xanth is a mind-reader. I'm not.)
  • I also need to know what your character is really thinking throughout the thread for aforementioned mind-reading.
Credit: Original idea by Silawen.