An Anyeli festival to remember those who have died (originally only those killed by the war but later adapted to mourn all those loved and lost), the Day of the Dead is the one day of the year when all Anyeli lay down their arms and call a truce even during times of fighting.

In a complete reversal, Skotadi wear all white and Apali wear all black, with the women covering their faces with lace veils and the men theirs with leather masks as a way to remember the destruction on both sides and to represent the distance between life and death.

Perhaps deliberately, the Day of the Dead is celebrated on the same day as the Winter Solstice?, bringing with it the symbolism of a month where most plants stop growing and most life goes into hibernation.

To honour the Living, a feast is held in the Great Hall of each town and fort across the Dusky? and Apolli Mountains?, followed by a great deal of dancing and merriment. Finally, at midnight, all those attending shuck off their costumes to reveal their true colours (with the Skotadi all in black and the Apali all in white) beneath, signifying the end of the truce and a return to normalcy.