An annual feast celebrated by some people of the Fae Forest?.

The event takes place every first weekend of Minevas or the first month of spring. Its history describes a victory against death or winter and the celebration of life and rebirth.

Although enjoyed in the past with one feast for the whole village, nowadays it is recognized only through gatherings of family and friends over traditional food and drinks. Attendees are also encouraged to wear colorful costumes said to enliven the spirits dampened by the cold season. Wearing flamboyant clothes during the feast is also considered to bring good luck to the wearer throughout the year.

As spring marks the beginning of good harvest, the Deminas Spring Feast is seen as the start of another economic year. The faithfuls also use this occasion to make offerings to Xanth in gratitude and as prayers for a good year ahead.

Some couples also see this time as the most opportune moment to begin a family.