By rights, the Elysian Calendar should technically be called the Anyeli calendar as the meanings and names all derive from the Anyeli language and culture.

However, this is the official calendar used all across Elysia?, so we can be forgiven for the slight misnomer.

The Elysian calendar (XA) is exactly 8,000 years older than the Gregorian calendar (AD/BC) and 960 years older than the Zanaryan calendar (ZT). AD + 8000 = XA
BC - 8000 = XA
XA - 960 = ZT
AD + 7040 = ZT
BC - 7040 = ZT

All of the months in the Elysian calendar derive their names from the Anyeli word minas, which means "month". The current month is displayed in the forum sidebar on the index page.

Note: The seasons listed here are for the southern hemisphere.
Minevas1stSpringElysians celebrate both the new year and the end of winter during this month. Derived from the Anyeli words evas, meaning "one".September
Duminas2ndSpringThe spring equinox occurs during Duminas. Derived from the Anyeli word duo for "two".October
Thallominas3rdSpringDerived from thallo for "blossom"November
Tesseminas4thSummerTesseminas brings summer solstice. Derived from tessera, meaning "four".December
Penteminas5thSummerDerived from the Anyeli word pente for "five".January
Telominas6thSummerTelominas comes from the word telos, meaning "end", and relates to the end of summer.February
Deminas7thAutumnDerived from the Anyeli word de, meaning "earth".March
Oktominas8thAutumnOktominas brings the autumn equinox. It is derived from oktu for "eight".April
Pyrominas9thAutumnThis is the month of Harvest for many crops and thus the Harvest Moon Festival. Derived from the Anyeli word pyros for "flame-coloured" or "red".May
Menenas10thWinterDerived from the word mene, meaning "to withstand".June
Erimis11thWinterDerived from the word eris, the month of "strife" brings the winter solstice.July
Thanatas12thWinterThanatas is the month of death, where old life dies off to make room for the new that comes in Spring. Derives from thanatos, which literally means "death".August