In 2,000 XA (6,000 BC), tensions between two religious factions within the Anyeli Empire? turned to war? -- a war which has been fought on and off ever since.

With the entire race so entrenched in the ongoing, if broken, civil war, all Anyeli are expected to join either the Apali or the Skotadi when they come of age at around 100 to 200 years old. Each faction comes with its own set of goals, skills, tactics, philosophies, codes of conduct and even religions. The Joining Ceremony? includes the ritual dying of the new member's wings, whereupon they gain access to new mentors who will teach them abilities specific to their chosen faction. Membership is life long.

Choosing not to join a faction is political and professional suicide, as an Anyelos has no right to vote in official policy until they are represented by a faction leader. Anyeli are also limited in terms of what and how much they can learn.



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