Asiati are water dragons, preferring to nest and live in rivers or, in some rarer cases, small lakes — though never too far away from land. They are strong swimmers and are vibrantly colourful.

While smaller than most other dragons (usually only reaching a human's shoulders in height), they can reach up to 30 feet in length and are capable of curving and folding their bodies much like a snake (which is perhaps why they are such good swimmers).

Asiati mate fairly often in comparison with other dragons, laying half a dozen eggs every three or four years. Fledglings mature quickly, reaching adulthood at 50. They can live up to 2,500 years.

While Asiati can be Summoned, they answer less frequently than Draconi.


Asiati have no wings so they can't fly. However, being water dwellers, they probably don't feel the lack. Just like the Draconi, Asiati can join a Sept and, upon doing so, changes colour. Unlike Draconi, the colours of an Asiatin are two-tone, with the main Sept colour being off-set by the original colour of their beard, fringe and spines.

Infants are born white or pale blue. Juvenile hides, while the same colour, are more pearlescent.

Males are more colourful and vibrant than females and have more spines around the face.


As well as being able to breathe underwater, Asiati can spit streams of water or ice to defend themselves.

They also gain Sept abilities when they join, can teleport?, and can communicate telepathically?.

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