Azats are Zanaryans who have sworn allegiance to a Shrine Lord and are training to use the elemental power granted to them, often through personal missions assigned by their mentor or their Lord's representatives. They do the bidding of the Shrine Lord, essentially becoming servants in exchange for knowledge and training. Though the first few years of their training can be intensive because of the demands of their Lord, many Azats are able to manage a full-time job as well.

In addition to learning elemental abilities, Azats gain a new title that reflects their elemental path (see below) and have an increasing influence over Zanaryan? politics. If voting is required, only those ranked Azat and higher may participate, though their main political role is to support the decisions made by the patriarch of their family.

Azat Titles

  • Azats Ifrit (si. Azat Ifriit) control the element of Fire and serve Lord Ea?.
  • Azats Marid (pl. Azat Mariid) control the element of Water and serve Lord Nen?.
  • Azats Dao (pl. Azat Daos) control the element of Earth and serve Lady Kaia?.
  • Azats Djinn (pl. Azat Djinni) control the element of Air and serve Lord Ciro?.
Your character must have sworn fealty to a Shrine Lord and have spent at least 1 skill point in Elemental Manipulation? or Elemental Shield? to qualify for the rank of Azat. You will also need to contact an admin, as the rank is not automatic.

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