Once an Azat has learned all they can from their mentor (and lived out their usefulness as a servant), their Shrine Lord might be persuaded to release them. A display of power before their patriarch (if ranked Azat themselves) or mentor is usually required, while those who have served at the Temple of Farahij? may be made to stand before their Lord instead. Either way, having good connections goes a long way toward satisfying the judge.

Having proven themselves, the Azat is ceremoniously presented with their new title of "Aziz", at which point they are no longer required to serve anyone but their Nahan? and the Naharar? -- though that does not stop Lords from making the odd "request".

Aziz Titles

  • Aziz Ifrit (pl. Azizi Ifriit) control the element of Fire and serve Lord Ea?.
  • Aziz Marid (pl. Azizi Mariid) control the element of Water and serve Nen?.
  • Aziz Dao (pl. Azizi Daos) control the element of Earth and serve Kaia?.
  • Aziz Djinn (pl. Azizi Djinni) control the element of Air and serve Lord Ciro?.

Azizi have a great deal of political influence and may challenge for the position of Nahan, Shrine Lord or Naharar. They may also take on the role of mentor, while males are permitted to break from their family to establish a patriarchy of their own. (Females may only break from their patriarchy through marriage, and in doing so join the husband's patriarchy instead.)

Your character must already be an Azat and have spent at least 15 skill points in any Zanaryan ability. You will also need to contact an admin as the rank is not automatic.

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