During a Dracovarian's first Summoning Ritual, they can opt for a permanent relationship with one particular dragon.

Both 'Varian and dragon must consent to the bond and it is a permanent relationship, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly. To this end, the Summoner is allowed unlimited tries (though only five per session as the Ritual is a tiring one and there's no room for mistakes) in an effort to find a dragon that matches their personality and desires.

Your character must have 5 skill points spent in their Sept skills in order to become a Bonded Summoner.

Once Bonded, only that dragon will be available for Summons. This can be limiting, as not all dragons are suited for all situations, but the bond does come with benefits — in particular, the 'Varian's ability to befriend the dragon and, eventually, Summon? their partner without the need for payment.


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