Apali              -- Faction of Light manipulators at war with the Skotadi
     Skotadi            -- Faction of Shadow manipulators at war with the Apali

     Peacekeepers       -- Caste of diplomats and healers, non-combatants
     Warriors           -- Caste of combatants



     Aurumus Sept       -- gold-eyed empaths
     Peteulanus Sept    -- blue-eyed telepaths
     Rutilus Sept       -- red-eyed warriors
     Viridis Sept       -- green-eyed healers

     Bonded Summoners   -- summoners who make friends with one dragon
     Unbonded Summoners -- summoners who pay different dragons for help


     Ayads              -- air manipulators
     Dryads             -- earth manipulators
     Nereids            -- fire manipulators
     Nyads              -- water manipulators

     Wanderers          -- beast tamers who tend to Nature wherever they go
     Wardens            -- caretakers who bond with a specific area of land and its many Aspects


     Charmers           -- vampires who use telepathy and hypnosis
     Hunters            -- vampires who rely on physical strength and speed


     Djans              -- unaffiliated (usually young) Zanaryans
     Azats              -- Zanaryans who have sworn fealty to a Shrine Lord and have bonded with their element
     Azizi              -- Zanaryans who are masters of their element

     Daos               -- earth manipulators
     Djinni             -- air manipulators
     Ifriit             -- fire manipulators
     Mariid             -- water manipulators
If a species is not listed here, they do not have classes or specialties (yet).

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