Djans are those Zanaryans who have not sworn fealty to a Shrine Lord, either because they are too young, incapable through mental or physical deficiency, have refused to swear allegiance, or because the Shrine Lord has rejected them.

Djan have absolutely no political weight and are not permitted to learn nor use elemental abilities. In some places, those citizens who are of age to swear allegiance but have yet to do so are treated as little more than slaves, and most other Zanaryans look down on them as having no honour.

On the other hand, the youngsters who are not yet of age to swear such fealty are not normally treated badly. Instead, they are seen as the future of the Zanaryan species and treated with some respect.

Djan compete for a place at the Temple of Farahij? in order to study directly under their Shrine Lord. However, these positions are rare and most instead swear their oath through a third party, finding a mentor — often an older family member — in their home town. Even those who do manage a spot at the Temple are most often tutored by a Lord's servant instead.

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