Draconi are the "true" dragons of the Elysian Fields, having four legs, a long tail and two large wings. They are huge, easily dwarfing most creatures and humanoids in Elysia?, and are the leaders of their species.

Draconi prefer the mountains, living in natural caverns where they nest and keep their hoards. They can live up to 3,000 years and many have a grandparent who went through the Great Split themselves or witnessed the birth of the Dracovari race first-hand.

Draconi are magnificent creatures, and the wisest of their species. Though they live alone for the majority of their lives and fight bloody battles to the death in order to defend large territories against intruders, they are also the diplomats of Nirim? and are the most likely to answer a Dracovarian's Summons.

Draconi mate infrequently and only lay one egg every few decades, so their young are cherished and fiercely protected. Loss of fledglings is felt deeply — not only by the parents but by the entire draconic community — which is probably why they guard their realm so closely. Fledglings also mature slowly, only reaching adulthood at the age of 150 when they choose their Sept1.


Where Dracovari display their Sept choice in the colour of their irises, Draconi do so by changing the colour of their hide. As with the 'Vari, the change is not a conscious decision. That is to say: no one quite understands how it happens, and the dragons aren't talking.

Infants are born white or pale blue.

There are subtle differences between males and females. Where females have smooth, curving horns, the males' twist slightly as they curve. A male's tail is also far more dangerous than the simple spade-shaped end of a female, having sharp, serrated edges at the tip with spikes along it.


In addition to the same kind of Sept abilities that Dracovari share, Draconi can also breathe fire, teleport?, and communicate telepathically?.


  1. Dragons and Dracovari have different rituals for joining a Sept, but the principles of those rituals, and of being a member of that Sept (including the skills they gain from joining) are essentially the same.

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