Impiti are Lower Drach, the lowest -- and smallest -- of the subspecies of dragon. They live only 500 years and are a mere six to eight inches in length (discounting the long whip-like tail), but more than that, they are thought to be the "dumbest creatures ever created".

Their size notwithstanding, Impiti resemble Draconi a great deal, having four legs, two wings and a long tail. It's no surprise, really, since Impiti are descended from Draconi who made the attempt to assume human form during the Great Split millennia ago. That's where the resemblance ends, however. Drach and Greater Drach will have very little to do with their diminutive cousins.

Which is a shame, really. While not deliberately destructive, they are clumsy creatures and can create havoc without even trying while on the hunt for "shinies". In fact, their hoarding instincts are the strongest of the draconic race, and they are drawn to anything metallic or shiny like bees to honey. They have earned a name for themselves as thieves, as well, since they are never very conscious of ownership.

Despite this, many Elysians? find them "cute" and, while a rare sight outside of Nirim?, they are spoiled rotten (or headed for the chopping block, as feelings are mixed towards they and their kleptomaniacal tendencies) the minute they do leave their home realm.

Impiti breed like rabbits, mating frequently and laying up to twenty eggs at a time. These eggs hatch quickly and the three-inch fledglings are fully formed, gaining adulthood at the age of six months when they reach their full size. They live in clans a hundred strong in nests built by collective effort, and are accustomed to quite literally crawling over each other to find space.

Fortunately, their numbers are kept to a relative minimum by their lack of common sense, inability to judge the danger in a situation, and, well, their sheer stupidity. (Even though they can teleport, Impiti often forget to do so in a timely fashion, failing to save themselves from dangers that could otherwise easily have been avoided.) Their dietary needs differ a great deal from those of the larger dragons as they feed on small insects, and they can live virtually anywhere these insects grow, so they are not considered a territorial threat by other dragons. Subsequently, they are permitted to nest on land that has been claimed by such dragons, as long as they don't pester said dragons.

Impiti are not permitted to answer Summons. When they do, they are turned away -- partly because the Draconi have ruled it so out of fear of the damage they can cause without even trying, and partly because they are of no use to the Dracovari who seek draconic companions for their skills and wisdom.


Like Wyverni and Wyrim, Impiti colours reflect their element. This is perhaps surprising since they are descended from the Sept-divided Draconi, but nevertheless:

  • Air Impiti are shades of white or silver;
  • Earth Impiti are shades of brown;
  • Fire Impiti are shades of red;
  • Light Impiti are shades of yellow of gold;
  • Shadow Impiti are shades of black of grey;
  • and Water Impiti are shades of blue.

Infants are born a much paler shade of their elemental colour, which darkens as they mature and makes it fairly easy to determine their age. Males are slightly more vibrant.


Impiti are born with an affiliation to a particular element. That affiliation grants them the ability to breathe or spit that element in defence.

  • Air Impiti can breathe poisonous gas or pure wind;
  • Earth Impiti can spit acid and survive for short periods underground;
  • Fire Impiti can breathe fire and survive for short periods in intense heat;
  • Light Impiti can refract blinding beams of light;
  • Shadow Impiti can exude billowing clouds of shadow and see better in the dark;
  • Water Impiti can spit water or ice and can survive for short periods underwater.

Impiti can also communicate telepathically? and teleport? as they please -- even if they do forget to do so.

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