Lifemates are not actually a class, it's just something that happens -- very rarely -- between Dracovari, just as it happens sometimes between dragons.

There is a story told to all hatchlings about the day they find their lifemate, a story that most Dracovarian and draconic children cherish as they grow up. The more romantic dragons spend their whole lives in search of their lifemate, while the more cynical assume the story is a fairytale meant to lull them to sleep.

The lifemate bond is rare, enough so that most dragons simply assume they don't have one or will never find theirs. Though there is more mysticism behind it than there is fact (and some theorise that the bond originated in the twisting metamorphosis some dragons went through to become human), many believe that lifemates are two halves of one soul and that they will one day be reunited.

For a dragon who finds his or her lifemate, the world will never be the same again.

Fatal Attraction

Lifemates are intensely attracted to one another right from their very first meeting, and will subconsciously find any excuse to be with them even though it's unlikely that they'll know of the bond right away. If the pair are both dragons, then they usually find it easy to accept and their relationship may last only a few months before they approach the Lindwyrm or Oroboros to request a Bonding Ritual.

In some 'Varian cases, one of the pair has been of another race. In these instances, the relationships have progressed much more slowly, with some pairs who haven't bonded for years after first meeting.

Like the Summoning bond, the Lifemate bond is permanent and can prove dangerous. Both parties will find it impossible to show interest in other relationships for the rest of their lives, and pairs have been known to wither away and die well before their time simply for refusing to acknowledge the bond. Should one of the pair die it is highly likely that the other will find a way to join them quickly, unable to bear living without the other. This is especially true for lifemates who have performed the Bonding Ritual, though inter-species bonds can sometimes withstand harder knocks than full dragon pairs.

Those who do survive the death of their lifemate will always grieve and find it next to impossible to love again.

Unbonded lifemates will always have an extra sense of each other, giving them the ability to detect one another within ten miles of each other.

Bonded lifemates will be able to extend this sense between dimensions as well as gaining a telepathic link. Dracovari pairs can live a further 1,000 years, but it's unclear if this extended lifespan applies to other races as well.

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