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The Hoth are the lowest of the low of dragons, mutated nightmares that are shadows of their former selves. Created accidentally during the Great Split when dragons attempted to assume human form, they are condemned both by their kin and by fate to walk a life of misery, alone and unwanted.

The Hoth are thousands of years old, somehow surviving the millennia long past their due. Deformed and mutated -- in some cases beyond recognition -- they often live out their lives in pain, struggling to survive or, in some cases, seeking death to escape their misery.

Unable to breed, the Hoth are extremely rare and those few who have survived prefer to live in seclusion in Elysia? rather than chance a meeting, and the disdain that would come from it, with the dragons of Nirim?.

Ashamed and scorned, the Hoth are forbidden from answering Summons -- not that any of them would ever dream of doing so, anyway.

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