The Unbonded Summoner is one who chooses to Summon a different dragon each time, an ability that is particularly useful if they regularly find themselves in situations that require different skills from their companions. The relationship will never be more than a paid service but the Summoner's bargaining skills will gradually improve until most dragons will be happy to give favours for only a small fee. Though the act of Summoning will not become easier with practice the way it does for Bonded Summoners, the variety of dragons available can prove extremely useful.

Summoners choosing this path should heed two warnings, however. Many draconic rituals require the sponsorship of a dragon, including the Lifemate Bonding Ritual. It is not impossible for Unbonded Summoners to find this sponsorship, but it does prove more difficult for them than for Bonded Summoners. Additionally, Summoners should be aware that not every dragon to answer their call will be a friendly one.

Your character must have 5 skill points spent in their Sept skills in order to become an Unbonded Summoner.


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