Wanderers are those Nymphs who choose not to bond with a specific demesne. They enjoy their friendships with those outside of their own race too much to give them up and prefer to live in urban areas without the great responsibility of protecting an entire grove.

Your character must have spent at least 5 skill points in their class skills (listed under "Bonded Element") in order to choose their specialty. You'll also need to let Emma? know your choice in specialty so she can update your character's information.

Wanderers are responsible for nature wherever they find it and as such can gain strength from it wherever they are as long as they are surrounded by their element. The balance is more difficult for them to find as they must have an understanding of nature everywhere (as opposed to the balance of one small parcel of land) but they typically have greater recognition for their deeds than a secluded Warden would.

While Wanderers do not have the ability to cultivate a working relationship with the many animals in their area, they can develop a lasting companionship with one animal of their choosing (often already a pet). This relationship is much like that of a Bonded Summoner with their dragon in that the Nymph can ask for the creature's help. They become symbiotic, nurturer and protector, and if the animal is bonded from birth its intelligence and understanding may even be boosted by the Nymph's nurturing.

However, this relationship only applies to one animal and cannot be broken once it has begun. If the companion dies, the Nymph can bond with another, though many choose not to do so.

Note: Wanderers tend to find that their elemental abilities are slower to develop than those of a Warden, largely due to the fact that a Wanderer will not use them quite as often as a Warden would, but many find that the freedom is worth the trade-off.

A Wanderer may choose her companion for free, be it a new animal or an existing pet. However, there is no refund for the cost of a pet purchased before the ritual is completed.


Summoning? a companion or other animal works in much the same way as during the Rite of Second Bonding, except without all the ceremonial pomp or supervision.

First, the Wanderer sends out the Call. This has been described as telepathic? in nature, but is a much simpler form than that shared by Bonded Summoners and their dragons. However, a Wanderer and her Summoned cannot communicate in the same manner, instead passing on a sort of awareness or sense of urgency to which the Summoned animal or companion responds. Then, when the animal is in the Wanderer's presence, she can command it by normal means, according to how well it can be trained.

A Wanderer can only be bonded to one companion and that bond lasts for the entire lifetime of the animal[^A Wanderer can forge a bond with a new companion after the previous companion's death. Some Nymphs remain in mourning for a few years, but this is impractical and leaves her vulnerable.^]. However, she may summon other non-bonded animals as well, though these will not be able to help as much as a companion might.

The number of animals a Wanderer can Summon, from how far away, and exactly what help they'll provide, is determined by her level in Summon Animal?. The type of animals she can Summon, and how long for, is determined by her level in Beast Taming?.

Not all animals will answer a Wanderer's Call even if they hear it. Those that do, however, must then travel -- limited to their usual means of transportation, as well as by distance and environment[^By "limited by means, distance and environment," I mean that, unless an animal can teleport? already, it will have to crawl, walk, trot, gallop or fly its way to the Wanderer's side as normal. This obviously will take longer the further the animal is from the Nymph, but they will also be slowed -- and perhaps even stopped altogether -- by obstacles such as doors according to their natural abilities. (A cow, for instance, can't open windows, whereas a shadowkin may be intelligent enough to morph into something with opposable thumbs.)^] -- to wherever the Wanderer is in order to help.


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