Wyrim are the most dangerous of the dragons, and the least friendly. Living underground in tunnels and caverns they dig out themselves, they are brutal and fierce and even larger than the massive Draconi. Their lifespan is short compared to the Wyverni and Greater Drach, but in their 1,500 years they fight frequently for territory, food and "goodies" for their nests -- fights for which their sharp horns, spikes and fangs probably come in very handy.

Wyrim are in fact so ferociously territorial, that they would rather destroy their nest than allow an intruder to enter it. Their antisocial behaviour even extends to reproduction as wyrim are very solitary creatures, only leaving their burrows to find a mate once every decade or so.

Once pregnant, the female leaves the male to return to her own nest where she lays one to four eggs and tends to them alone. Once the eggs hatch, the fledglings burrow out of their mother's nest to fend for themselves, reaching maturity quickly at 10 years of age.

Of the Drach and Greater Drach subspecies, Wyrim are the least likely to answer a Dracovarian's Summons.


First and foremost: Wyrim have no wings. Their four legs are heavily spiked and thick with muscle, then tipped with sharp claws for digging and fighting. In fact, there isn't a single inch of a Wyrm that isn't heavily spiked and thick with muscle.

Like Wyverni, Wyrim are born a paler shade of their elemental colour, but darken as they age. However, where the Wyverni are beautiful pastel shades, the Wyrim are darker and (some would say) ugly.

  • Earth Wyrim are shades of brown;
  • Air Wyrim are shades or white or grey;
  • Fire Wyrim are shades of red;
  • Light Wyrim are shades of yellow or gold;
  • Shadow Wyrim are shades of black of dark grey;
  • and Water Wyrim are shades of blue.

Males and females look alike.


Unlike Greater Drach like the Draconi, who join a Sept at adulthood, Wyrim are born with an affiliation to a particular element. That affiliation grants them the ability to breathe or spit that element in defence.

  • Earth Wyrim can spit acid and survive for long periods underground;
  • Air Wyrim can breathe poisonous gas or pure wind;
  • Fire Wyrim can breathe fire and survive for short periods in intense heat;
  • Light Wyrim can refract blinding beams of light;
  • Shadow Wyrim can exude billowing clouds of shadow and see better in the dark;
  • Water Wyrim can spit water or ice and can survive for short periods underwater.

Wyrim can also communicate telepathically? and teleport? as they please.

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