Wyverni are Drach, a lower subspecies of dragon that only live up to 2,000 years. While in many ways Wyverni resemble Draconi, from the large bat-wings to the smooth horns curving out from their heads, they are smaller and have only two legs. Draconi would also have us believe that the Drach are less intelligent, when the Wyverni themselves would say they simply have no wish to deal in politics and thus hand over the governing of their race to those who desire it.

Wyverni can live anywhere, as long as the territory has not already been claimed. They are the gentlest of the dragons, and the more intelligent of the lower subspecies, but they should not be mistaken for harmless. They are far more sociable than most other dragons and tend to live in small family units with the parents and offspring together in a single nest.

They mature far more slowly than other dragons, reaching adulthood at the age of 300. However, they gain access to their element at infancy which means they are far from defenceless. Because fledglings stay with their parents well into adulthood, wyverns mate only once every hundred or so years, laying up to a dozen eggs at a time.

Wyverni can be Summoned but rarely answer, and rarely bond with their Summoner.


Unlike the Greater Drach, who are born a shade of white or pale blue and whose hides change colour according to the Sept they join at adulthood, Wyverni colours reflect their element.

  • Earth Wyverni are shades of brown;
  • Air Wyverni are shades of white or silver;
  • Fire Wyverni are shades of red;
  • Light Wyverni are shades of yellow;
  • Shadow Wyverni are shades of black or grey;
  • and Water Wyverni are shades of blue;

Wyverni colours are subtle, however, with a mixture of pastel shades that, combined with their slender shape, makes them pretty more than majestic. Further, infants are born a much paler shade of their elemental colour, which darkens as they age and makes it fairly easy to determine their age.


Unlike Greater Drach, like the Draconi, who join a Sept at adulthood, Wyverni are born with an affiliation to a particular element. That affiliation grants them the ability to breathe or spit that element in defence.

  • Earth Wyverni can spit acid and survive for short periods underground;
  • Air Wyverni can breathe poisonous gas or pure wind;
  • Fire Wyverni can breathe fire and survive for short periods in intense heat;
  • Light Wyverni can refract beams of blinding light;
  • Shadow Wyverni can exude billowing clouds of shadow and see better in the dark;
  • and Water Wyverni can spit water or ice and can survive for short periods underwater.

Wyverni can also communicate telepathically? and teleport? as they please.

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