Name: Angel Shell
Category: Useful, Pets
Type: Aquatic
Size: Tiny
Region: Aquatic
Rarity: Very common
Lifespan: 1-5 years

Angel shells appear to be a mixture of seahorses and shrimps, having the body of the former but the protective shell, legs and antennae of the latter.

Different from both, though, is its milky-white rubbery hide and tough shell which glows at dark.


Although many children get them as their first sea pets, angel shells actually make very boring ones and glass tanks can be expensive. There's not a lot they do other than swim and eat, sleep during the afternoon, and mate during mating season. But they do glow prettily in the dark. Their light lasts from their sixth month, where they finally part from their mothers, until six months before they die.

Diet: Tiny motes and bacteria found in water.
Habitat: Major rivers.
Breeding: Twice a year after reaching maturity at 3.


  • Angel shells are primarily used for food. As their forms are tender once cooked, they make for very popular snacks and as their meat is tasteless, they can be seasoned easily, although this does not make them very useful as added ingredients.
  • Their glow is also used by many either for illumination or navigation. They're as useful free as they are in captivity in this regard.
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