Name: Angel Snake
Category: Pets, Useful
Type: Reptilian
Size: Medium
Region: Rainforest?
Rarity: Common
Lifespan: 6 years
Diet: Insects, snails, small rodents, birds or eggs
Habitat: Hot, humid vegetation

The angel snake is a slender pearl-coloured snake with a peach shimmer to its scales and small feathered wings that enable it to fly short distances.


A non-venomous snake, it shakes the feathers at the tip of its tail to warn off predators but is not often successful.

Special Information

  • Angel snakes can glide a small distance using their feathered wings, but these aren't large or powerful enough to enable true flight.
  • The angel snake is often used by farmers to control snail infestations.
  • The angel snake originated in Yondallar Rainforest? but is now found as far south as the Nubian Delta?.
Created by Emma?