Name: Archon
Category: Pets
Type: Avians
Size: Small
Region: Dardanian? volcanoes
Rarity: Common; Exotic pets
Lifespan: 3 years

The Archon is a small black crested bird between 9 and 12 inches long from its head to the butt of its tail, with another two feet for the long, orange and black fluffy strands that trail behind it. Despite its size, the archon has a slender figure and can appear quite dainty, even when seen from up close.

The bird's black feathers show hints of midnight blue and indigo in the sunlight, but it is the bright orange markings (at the throat, on the underside of the long, primary feathers on the wings, around the beady black eyes, and on the crest feathers that flare up from behind the head) and black beak that truly make it stand out.


Archon are peaceful birds largely untouched by the humanoid populations, and thus not at all shy when approached. Their song is a pretty one that carries quite a distance, especially if sung while underground, and it resonates beautifully within the natural tunnels, cracks and caves of their favoured habitat. Some Dardanians? even swear the moutnains sing for this very reason, especially during the archon's breeding season in Pyrminas (September).

Diet: Grubs and insects
Habitat: Inside Dardanian? volcanoes
Breeding: Lays around a dozen eggs once in its lifetime. Abandons eggs to be incubated by heat of lava.

The bird spends most of its days foraging for grubs, worms, weevils and other such insects in the walls of their tunnels, or flying in and out of caves for a breath of fresh air. They live in small family units with the mother and father rearing a dozen chicks over the course of a year. These family units tend to cluster together in large colonies, so it's not unusual to find them nesting on top of one another, although theft of nesting materials or food is not tolerated in the slightest.

Special Information


  • The archon can survive the immense heat of lava tunnels, though not immersion in lava itself. One would assume this ability to withstand heat transfers to other forms of heat, such as fire.


  • Some have suggested that their ability to withstand heat has made them vulnerable to water and cold.


  • Archons secrete an oil that coats their feathers and protects them from the heat of their habitat. Some Elysians think these feathers can thus be used as heat protection elements, but the oil stops flowing once the bird is dead or the feather is plucked so the feathers would have a limited use.
  • Archons make good pets, although for size reasons are usually better suited for those with a plot of land rather than house pets.
  • Archons are also beautiful singers, and can sometimes be trained to sing on cue.

Other Info: The archon has been referenced as a relative of the phoenix, not simply for the fiery orange of its markings but also for the delicacy of its form and the similarities in their songs. Certainly, while the archon cannot resurrect, it is perhaps more deserving of the name "firebird", since it thrives in and around volcanoes.

Created by Emma?.