Name: Audire Weevil, (aka Omen Weevil)

Category: Monsters

Type: Insectoids

Size: Tiny

Region: Forest, Jungle

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 5 months average


The audire weevil is an inch-long beetle with a very dark brown body, six spindly legs, two thin feelers, sheathed wings and a horn, which is distinctive for its blood red tip. It also has speckled white markings on its carapace, which will form different shapes for each audire weevil. Some people attempt to interpret the white shapes upon the audire weevil, believing them to be indicators of an approaching disaster. The audire weevil is naturally coloured in dull tones and is hard to spot amongst its natural habitat.


The audire weevil is a wood-borer beetle, and it will seek out wood of any kind (living or dead) to consume. Audire weevils fly and eat in swarms, but there will be a few designated beetles who fly ahead, scouting for potential habitats on behalf of the horde -- so seeing one alone is not a rare sight. The audire weevil does not settle for long; it will take up residence in any location with lots of wood, gorge itself for three weeks, and then fly on to the next location. An audire weevil can be detected by the knocking sound it makes, as it knocks its horn against wood to attract further weevils and to indicate a food source. Superstition dictates that this sound is an omen of approaching natural disaster.


Wood; living, rotting or dead. If wood is not available, audire weevils will resort to similarly structured plant life. The appetite of the audire weevil is ferocious, and so swarms will cause a lot of damage to their chosen habitats.


Audire weevils will live anywhere with a good supply of wood. They cannot handle extreme temperatures, so they live in areas with milder climates. They also cannot swim, and are not likely to be found anywhere near fire or water.


Audire weevils use pheromones to attract mates, in addition to knocking on wood. The audire weevil is not a territorial creature, and they do not fight amongst themselves -- not even for a mate. Weevils will only mate and breed when settled in a wood habitat, and typically do so during their last month of life.

Special Information


  • It is a very fast creature, and it consumes wood swiftly and steadily.
  • It can also fly at impressive speeds.


  • The knocking sound that it makes to attract its kind also gives away its whereabouts to those familiar with the sound.
  • It has no defensive or offensive capabilities, other than its speed.

Other Info: While the audire weevil cannot actually predict natural disasters, it is said that it has contributed to the collapse of trees and wooden structures and the decimation of crops, and that this is where it got its reputation as a harbinger of disaster. They are thoroughly detested pests, and are even feared by some.

Creator: Hollie?

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