Name: Blue Panther

Category: Monsters, Pets

Type: Mammalians

Size: Large

Region: Mountains, specifically the Apolli Mountains?

Rarity: Rare; Exotic pets

Lifespan: 6 years


A member of the Panthera family, the blue panther is some eight feet in length. Built with an elongated and delicate bone structure similar to that of the tiger gazelle, it is more aerodynamic than other cats but also looks more fragile.

The blue panther's fur is a richly gradiented pattern of dark blues and greens with gold or white detail at the ankles, ears and the flared tail tip. The eyes are usually a dark blue or green.


Like many of its feline counterparts, it lives and hunts alone for the better part of its life, only deigning to share its territory with its mate while they rear their young.

Diet: The blue panther has a specialised diet and hunts only tiger gazelle.

Habitat: The panther stalks tiger gazelle so it lives with them in grassy areas near lakes and rivers in the high Apolli Mountains?.

Breeding: Females come into heat once a year in spring, at which time they will rendezvous with their mate to breed. The pair will stay together until the cubs, of which there will normally be two, are a month old before the male returns to his own territory. Each year, the pair will return to the same spot to breed again, only seeking out another mate if their original partner dies.

Special Information


  • Blue panthers are incredibly sure-footed and agile.
  • It's one of the fastest predators in Elysia.


  • They're normally not as prone to injury as their fragile appearance would suggest, due in large part to their incredible agility. However, their bones are very thin and thus easily snapped or shattered, so they have to be very selective when hunting and fighting. For that reason, despite their predatory nature, a blue panther will flee from a fight more often than join one, so they're not as formidable a foe as they might have been otherwise.


  • Blue panther do not make the best of pets and are not easily domesticated, but it's not unheard of if you can get them young.

Creator: Emma?

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