Name: Chitter

Category: N/A

Type: Insectoids

Size: Tiny

Region: Jungle, Marshland, Urban

Rarity: Very Common

Lifespan: ~5 years


Camouflaged to look like a leaf, the easiest way to spot a Chitter is to look out for tiny hints of purple amongst the greenery this tiny insect is most commonly found in. The joints of the Chitter, its eyes and the vein-marks on its wings are tinged with a faint purple, while the rest of its body is of varying shades of green.


Chitters are regarded as pests because of their frequent and very noticeable mating calls. To the humanoid ear it sounds like a crying baby, and sets many people on edge. They burrow into wood with ease, and can spend their whole lifetime living under floorboards or in spaces between walls. As the Chitter has no specific mating season, a house infested with Chitters is plagued with cries all year round and hence can be practically uninhabitable as a result. It is a difficult task to try and rid an infested house of Chitters: the aid of an insect-interested feline coupled with a willingness to rebuild one's house is needed.

Diet: Chitters feeds on wood, with a strong preferance for water-logged wood.

Habitat: A dark, woody environment is favoured by Chitters.

Creator: PCHAN?

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