Name: Cheefle

Category: Pets

Type: Avians

Size: Small

Region: Forest, Jungle

Rarity: Very common; Common pets

Lifespan: 3-5 years


Cheefle are a member of the rodent family, closely related to the common chipmunk. In fact, they look almost exactly like chipmunks with ruddy brown fur and white and black stripes along the back. However, cheefle have tiny feathered wings that sprout from their forward shoulderblades, enabling them to fly for short distances from tree to tree.


Cheefle are very friendly creatures but also very shy. They will fly around your head when they know you have food but will be very timid when you try to touch them. After a few visits to the same one, it will befriend you and approach when you enter its territory, stealing your food if it has the opportunity.

They like to be held and petted by people they know but will defend their food even against a friend, biting and clawing to protect themselves and their possessions.

Cheefle aren't known to live near other cheefle and will chase intruders out of their territory but aren't dangerous to humanoids.

Diet: Nuts, fruit and leaves.

Habitat: Cheefle can be found anywhere there are deciduous trees.

Breeding: Spring is mating season for cheefle, a time when they ignore their usually solitary nature to seek each other out. Males especially can travel quite a ways from their nest in search of breedable females before leaving her to rear their young alone. She'll give birth to a litter of between four and eight pups, most of whom will survive to adulthood at six weeks old.

Special Information


  • They can fly short distances so aren't easy to capture.


  • However, they do tire easily when flying.


  • Cheefle are sold as pets.

Origin: Cheefle are evolution of an experiment that Xanth performed on chipmunks. This is the commonly accepted story for them, at any rate.

Creator: Dora?

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