Name: Dardanian Scorpion

Commonly Known As: Giant Scorpion

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Insectoids

Size: Large

Region: Coastal or Marshland in Dardanos?

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 5-8 years


Giant scorpions grow up to six feet long, not including the poisonous tail. Their shells are translucent and range from sandy brown to medium brown.


Their behavior is entirely different than their Elysian variant. While they similarly bury themselves in dirt during the day, they do not become dormant. Thus, there is no requirement for these scorpions to gorge on everything in sight when they surface at night.

The scorpions seek soft areas of volcanic dirt and create burrows 1`-2 feet into the ground. They use the same burrow for an average of 20`-30 days before migrating to a new location. The scorpions are usually not aggressive, but they will attack if provoked.

Diet: While these scorpions are able to consume and digest vegetation, their primary diet is composed of mid-sized mammals and large lizards.

Habitat: They are found exclusively in Dardanos?.

Breeding: They can lay hundreds of eggs and seem to breed randomly.

Special Information


  • The tail injects powerful venom that can kill victims within six hours.
  • They have a hard exoskeleton which deflects projectiles and most melee weapons.
  • With the combination of their claw-like mouths and strong legs, the scorpion can burrow deep into volcanic dirt within minutes.


  • The joints in the exoskeleton are their weak spots.


  • Scorpion venom is used by weapon smiths, in poisons and in potions. The venom dissolves surrounding flesh when injected into prey. If an Elysian comes into contact with the venom, the venom progresses slowly for the first two hours before it begins decomposing flesh rapidly. As such, the first two hours are the most crucial for healers to treat scorpion stings.
  • Scorpion hide is used in the making of armour.
  • Dardanian farmers occasionally capture and remove the tails of giant scorpions. The scorpions are later let loose upon enclosed farmland as a way to turn soil.
  • Scorpion's flesh is considered a delicacy and bears a spicy taste. In Dardanos, the scorpions are cooked in kebabs, stews, or used to garnish seafood dishes.

Origin: These scorpions have been in Dardanos for as long as Dardanians can remember. However, they are considered as a species closely related to the Giant Scorpion.

Creator: Emma? with minor additions from Joy?

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