Name: Elementals

Category: Pets, Monsters

Type: Ethereal

Size: Tiny, Small, Medium

Region: Anywhere there's sufficient source material.

Rarity: Very common (blobs), uncommon (clusters), and exotic (tertiaries); Common pet (blobs), rare pet (clusters), and exotic pet (tertiaries)

Lifespan: Unknown


Elementals are tiny particles of concentrated elements that form, seemingly spontaneously, throughout Elysia?. They range in size from the tiny blobs that are no bigger than a marble, to the slightly larger clusters, to the vaguely humanoid-shaped elementals that stand up to four feet tall.

There are six types of elemental (Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Shadow and Light), so each type has its own physical appearance but they can best be described as physical manifestations of an element with a solid core but an almost ethereal, wispy "skin" of their element.


Single primary elementals, better known as Blobs, are weak and easily extinguished so they stay close to the source of their element. In this primary form, they're usually the size of marbles or smaller, although the largest primary ever recorded was the size of a tennis ball. They are strongly attracted to similar elementals as well as their element, so they inevitably clump into groups that then evolve into higher forms. Blobs are powerless creatures but they do inherit traits from their source element. Fire elementals, for instance, will burn if you touch them, but it's very much an unconscious defence.

Secondary elementals, better known as Clusters in the slang, are formed when ten or more blobs cluster and blend together. More stable than blobs, clusters are not as easily extinguished and are more powerful, so they can be extremely dangerous in certain situations. They are also rarer but longer-lived, and they can be found farther from their source. In their secondary form, elementals are more self-aware; they can make a conscious effort to protect themselves against external threats, such as clustering together to form a blinding light, but still rely on the traits of their source element.

Rarer still are the tertiary forms of elementals. These are called simply "X elementals", where "X" is the source element (for instance, "fire elemental" or "shadow elemental"), and are created when large clusters of secondary and primary elementals merge together. These tertiary forms are completely self-sustaining, much larger (to about four feet in height) and more humanoid in appearance, and are very difficult to extinguish. They are most often found around a strong source of their element due to their nature, but they have been known to travel as far as 2 miles. They can channel their source element and direct the energy from it to protect themselves and lower forms.

Diet: Elementals aren't known to eat food.

Habitat: Elementals are drawn to aspects of their own element so they can be found wherever there is a large enough source. For example, fire elementals congregate around lava pits, while shadow elementals can often be found in dark caves.

Breeding: Elementals seem to form spontaneously whenever a sufficient number of basic particles form. As more and more blobs appear, they bond together to form clusters, which in turn bond into the humanoid form. In this manner, they actually decrease in number, so they cannot be said to reproduce. However, elementals can be broken back down into their lower forms, so their numbers remain essentially the same.

Special Information


  • Blobs and clusters have natural defences based on their element (for instance, if you were to touch a fire element, you'd be burned).
  • Tertiary elementals can direct their source element to defend themselves and other elementals. They're almost as smart as humans.


  • Elementals are extinguished when they encounter an opposing element (for instance, water can extinguish a fire elemental). Each stage is stronger than the last but even tertiaries can be broken down.


  • All except fire blobs (which need oxygen to survive) can be stored in a jar and sold as pets.
  • Some Nymphs have managed to bond with secondary and tertiary elementals. They are also available as a lesser companion from the Prize Shop.

Origin: Elysian? mythology claims that elementals were once gods. Formed as a by-product of Elysia?'s creation, Xanth deemed them too destructive and broke them down into separate elements, creating the three elemental stages known today. It's theorised that it is each elemental's unconscious desire to rebond and regain their original form that draws them to one another.

Other Info: In order for elementals to regain their original forms, each and every single particle of element that was part of the original form would need to rebond with the mass. The chances of this happening are slim as Xanth is said to have scattered these particles far and wide to ensure Elysia?'s safety.

Creator: Emma? with additions by Sparrow?

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