Name: Fae Squirrel

Category: Pets, Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Small

Region: Forest

Rarity: Common; Common pets

Lifespan: 18-23 years


Fae squirrels are quite similar in appearance to the red squirrel and is treasured for its luscious, soft fur. Where red squirrels can vary in colour from red to black and usually have a white stripe under the belly, fae squirrels are always a bright rusty orange with darker partches around the ears, face, paws and across the back. The tufted ears and bushy tail common in red squirrels are longer in the Fae? as well.


Fae squirrels easily grow attached to their owners once tamed. They have a penchant for sometimes causing mischief but they generally have a sweet disposition and are friendly and curious.

They do like to hoard objects, however. While they don't have the same taste for shiny things as dragons, they will take anything they think is pretty or attractive, a behavioural trait that is clearly derived from the hibernation instincts of other squirrels.

Like the cheefle, the fae squirrel is shy, sometimes skittish and easily frightened or startled, but seems to like Nymphs and Therians better than other species, though it is not unheard of for it to shy away even from these. If tamed, though, it will not mind whatever the species of its owner.

If spooked, fae squirrels will use their speed and agility to escape.

Diet: Fruits, berries and small insects.

Habitat: They tend to prefer a forest environment, originally hailing from the Fae?, but they have been found in small patches of trees across Elysia?.

Breeding: They're pathetic at it. In the lifespan of a single one of these creatures, they will produce only one litter of offspring (usually three babies). Because of this, they are somewhat rare and their rarity has had a Catch-22 effect on their breeding (since they are difficult to actually find (if you're looking for them, anyway), it's difficult for them to breed).

Special Information


  • They're extremely good climbers.
  • They're quick, agile, and fast, darting around a lot. When threatened, they gain a temporary speed boost that can help them to outrun and outmatch any known creature in Elysia?.


  • Water. They hate water and, when wet, their speed and agility will be hindered. They don't mind being damp, though.


  • Fae squirrels are sometimes sold as pets.
  • They do not moult, but if you can get your hands on some of their fur, you could probably use it in a speed potion that will increase the user's normal speed by up to four times, depending on the quality.

Origin: Apparently, Xanth went a little overboard with the adrenaline for these creatures. Their DNA is predominantly that of the common red squirrel, with a little extra thrown in for interest.

Creator: Liz?

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