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Name: Fire Serpent

Category: Monsters, Useful

Size: Huge

Region: Volcanoes

Rarity: Very Rare

Lifespan: 180 `- 200 years

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Similar in appearance to the Sand Serpent, the fire serpent also has a very serpentine form, with no limbs and undulating scales of many hues of red and black. Unlike its relative, the fire serpent is not blind, but instead deaf, having over generations lost its sense of sound due to being present for many volcanic eruptions. Its face is more snakelike than the sand serpent's, possessing reptilian eyes similar to those of a crocodile's or dragon's. Its mouth is lined with jagged rows of long, thin teeth which cross over each other and often on some rows there are two or more teeth competing for the same position in the mouth. Most fire serpents are around twenty five feet in length, but can grow beyond this.


The fire serpent may lie dormant for many months, like the volcanoes in which they live. They are stimulated by volcanic activity, and as such are sighted during eruptions, swimming amongst the lava and feeding. Fire serpents cannot survive outside of lava, and in the history of Elysia?, many have made the mistake of following lava flow out of the volcano, and when the lava has hardened, been unable to survive and have died on land. They have a particular taste for the flesh of humanoids.

Diet: Absolutely anything, whether it be flesh, plants, or even sometimes volcanic rock.

Habitat: Fire serpents must live in lava, and therefore may often live in lava stores deep below the 'entrance' of the volcano. As a result, they live primarily in Dardanos?.

Breeding: Because not many fire serpents exist or live together, breeding is scarce, but does take place in the lower depths of volcanoes where temperatures are at their utmost highest.

Special Information

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  • A massive resistance to fire, including the fire manipulation by Nereids or Ifriit.
  • Fire serpents are almost cunning, having enough intelligence to hide and carefully stalk their prey, and have even been known to leap out of the lava to capture overhead avians.
  • Very sensitive to vibrations and volcanic activity.


  • The fire serpent cannot survive outside of lava.
  • An unbearable weakness to water, which weakens the fire serpent and causes repairable damage to its hard scales.
  • They are deaf, and so must communicate to fellow members of the species via the movement of the forked tongue.


  • The scales of a fire serpent are beautiful and can be used to decorate armour, because of the many different shades of red and black in which they come.
  • The blood of a fire serpent can be concentrated into an awful tasting elixir which grants the drinker a potent resistance to heat and fire, for varying lengths of time reliant on the skill of the brewer.
  • Natives of Dardanos can predict volcanic eruptions by using the sightings of fire serpents to identify increased volcanic activity.

Origin: The fire serpent is a genetic relative of both the Sand Serpent and the Wormlings of Anoria?. They may have evolved from a previous species, but all three races are adapted to different habitats. The similarities are mainly physiological, but the behaviour of the fire serpents and sand serpents is quite similar.

Creator: LJ?

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