Name: Feanaro (Firefox)

Category: Pets

Type: Mammalians

Size: Medium

Region: Mountains, specifically the Apolli?, Dusky? and Dardanian? mountains, and Keikis? in Zanarya?

Rarity: Common; Common pets

Lifespan: 10-12 years


You'd be forgiven for mistaking the firefox for a normal fox from a distance as their shape, size and colouring are similar to that of a common red fox. On closer inspection, however, the differences become apparent: the firefox has larger ears, different markings, and small, round, black eyes with dark red irises that often glow like the embers of a fire.

Artwork by Dora?


Timid and easily startled, the firefox is completely reliant on its surrounding climate and sicken if their body temperature drops too low.

Diet: The feanaro spends its days constantly foraging for grubs and small rodents.

Habitat: Dormant volcanoes in the Elysian? and Dardanian? mountains. Some have also been spotted in the active volcanoes in the Keikis? region of Zanarya? but are thought to be pets gone wild.

Breeding: It mates frequently from the age of 1½ until it dies, producing an average of six pups per litter.

Special Information


  • When it sneezes or is startled, the firefox bursts into flame.


  • It's completely reliant on its surrounding climate and will sicken if its body temperature drops too low.


  • Feanaro are sold as pets in many Elysian? pet stores.

Origin: Possibly one of Xanth's experiments.

Creator: Dora?

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