Name: Foamfish

Category: Useful

Type: Aquatic

Size: Tiny

Region: Aquatic Coastal

Rarity: Very Common

Lifespan: 2 `- 3 years


The foamfish is an almost transparent fish, small enough to fit in even a Nymph's palm. Its gills and fins are tinged with a slightly stronger pink, and its reddish organs and grey bones can be clearly seen through its see-through skin.


The foamfish lives in shoals that roam the upper surfaces of the open ocean. They deter predators from eating them by hiding in seafoam. Unlike other species of fish that clump together tightly when threatened, foamfish disperse when attacked. This helps to increase the chances of each fish's survival, since they are harder to spot and follow individually this way. Foamfish also have the ability to temporarily increase the amount of seafoam in the area they are in, indicating a certain degree of water manipulation?.

Diet: Foamfish feed on plankton as well as sea-algae.

Habitat: An ubiquitous species, foamfish can be found in most major oceans and seas, but tend to avoid colder waters.

Breeding: Foamfish give birth to live young.

Special Information


  • Water Manipulation: Foamfish are able to thicken the amount of seafoam in their vicinity, especially when in large shoals.
  • Escape Artists: Foamfish are notoriously difficult to catch, even though they have few defenses and live near the surface of the ocean. Their small size means that very fine nets are needed to catch them, and they rarely, if ever, respond to bait. As even spotting a shoal of foamfish can be difficult, there are fishermen who specialize in catching them.


  • Food: The soft flesh of foamfish has a very light taste, with just the slightest hint of saltiness. Their thin bones are edible as well, and the fish is generally said to 'melt in your mouth'. Despite being costly (depending on how lucky the fishermen have been), Foamfish is an all-time favourite amongst the elderly and the rich, as they can swallow pieces of foamfish without chewing.

Creator: Pchan?

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