Name: Giant Scorpion

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Insectoids

Size: Large

Region: Desert, specifically the Scorpion Desert?

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 8-12 years


Giant scorpions grow up to six feet long, not including the poisonous tail, and are a translucent brown colour.


Giant scorpions are a pox on the desert?. Burying themselves in the sand during the day, they erupt at night until the desert is seething with them. They seek out natural sources of nutrients and water, such as oases and the odd cactus, and feast until they're spent or the source is destroyed (usually the latter).

When they've eaten everything in sight, they disappear back under the sand and can lay dormant for several years before they need to feed again. In times of famine, swarms have been known to descend upon the Great Cactus?, an act which actually helps to keep the giant plant alive as it forces new growth.

Diet: They will devour almost anything nutritious but prefer vegetation.

Habitat: They're found exclusively in the Scorpion Desert?.

Breeding: They can lay thousands of eggs and seem to breed randomly.

Special Information


  • The tail injects powerful venom that can kill victims within six hours.
  • They have a hard exoskeleton which deflects projectiles and most melee weapons.


  • The joints in the exoskeleton are their weak spots.


  • Scorpion venom is used by weapon smiths, in poisons and in potions.
  • Scorpion hide is used in the making of armour.
  • Scorpion flesh is considered a delicacy in some circles and is apparently rather tasty.


Where did the creature come from? Did it evolve from another species, was it one of Xanth's experiments, or something else?

Other Info: Giant scorpions overran the Scorpion Desert? (which was actually named after the infestation of these pestulent beasts) before its flooding? in 10,006 XA? (2006 AD). The majority of the species was destroyed in the flood but a number of eggs survived, buried deep in the sand. Hatching once the waters had receded, they gave rise to a new generation of scorpions and nothing really changed.

Once in a while, a scorpion king will hatch.

Creator: Emma?

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