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Name: Giant Snail

Category: Monsters

Type: Mammalians

Size: Large

Region: Forest Jungle Marshland

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 100 `- 500 years/months


A gigantic shell teeters and totters, on the snail's back, as if ready to fall off at any moment. The creature and shell alike are usually adorned in patches of sticky and dry mold, grass, moss, and small plants, ranging in color from greens to yellows to browns. One snail was even sighted with a tiny tree with leaves turning red. The snail often holds things in it antennae.

Because of the varying amount of things a snail may store, no one knows how much they hold in their shells, but they usually grow their shells to 5 feet tall and their bodies anywhere from 2 to 7 feet tall, but most of that body mass hidden inside their shells.

Technically, gigantic snails are of the gastropod family, which are neither mammals nor reptiles, but instead a type of invertebrate.

by Ranko Bazina for Desktopography


The giant snail is a peaceful creature, but will hide inside it's shell if it feels it is in danger or being attacked. There have been rare sightings of smaller creatures irritating and provoking the snails, to which the snail's response was to suffocate it to death with it's slimy body.

Males have been sighted carrying various objects in their antennae, often shiny or glowing objects such as crystals or mirror shards.

They generally ignore the world around them, on a perpetual crawl about the forest in random patterns, only stopping occasionally to graze They do not stop to defecate.

It was recently discovered that giant snails are attracted to foreign objects, a sort of Nature's Vacuum Cleaner, picking up anything unusual and shoving it into their shells like later. Some experts theorize this is all related to courtship, while others are appalled by the sheer amount of junk a snail can fit in its shell.

As the saying goes:

"If you dropped something and can't find it at first,
then you can only assume it's been picked up for the worst!"

(That is, to be used in the breeding courtship which is seen as highly disgusting.)

Diet: Anything green, including moss, grass, mold, tree bark, flowers, and even emerald colored rocks.

Habitat: Because of it's size, gigantic snails prefer to live in large, tall wooded areas where there is plenty of cover. They have a preference to wooded areas in or near humanoid civilizations because of the junk, waste, and missing objects they provide for snails to pick up.

Breeding: The mechanics of snail breeding are widely unknown as no newborn snails have ever been found. Regarding courtship, studies suggest that the male tries to impress the female with various objects. If the female is impressed, they begin the mating ritual, where the male and female's bodies become "stuck together" in a clumbsy push-me-pull-you arrangement (ie, there are two "front" sides to the temporarily glued creature, and no back sides). It is worth mentioning that onlookers find this appalling because of the massive quantities of foul-smelling bright jade slime omitted wherever they go.

Stepping or otherwise getting this kind slime on a humanoid takes an extraordinary amount of effort to get off, and the smell may linger for several days.

Special Information


  • Large size makes for no easy meal
  • Can hide in it's shell


  • Slow moving
  • Generally seen as unintelligent


  • A humanoid might be able to ride a gigantic snail but because of it's pace, this would merely be an exercise in futile patience

Origin: Probably evolved from smaller snails

Other Info: Picks up and stores any interesting objects in it's shell

Creator: series?

Creatures Mammalians Large Forest Jungle Marshland Uncommon