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Name: Golem (Artificial Elemental)

Category: Useful

Type: Humanoids

Size: Medium or Large

Region: Urban

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: Indefinite. As long as they maintain their charge and aren't destroyed they could be immortal.


Golems vary in size and appearance because they are constructed artificially. The most common appearance is to make them about five feet tall, with broad shoulders. These generic workers are crafted from clay and stone and made so that they can move large amounts of weight with little difficulty, although they aren't pretty.

Some of the more elaborate ones however can be incredibly ornate, with gold and gems worked into them. These are more often used as servants at large manors because their more decorative design makes them considerably weaker.


Golems don't "Behave", they Obey. They are programmed to recognize and obey their owner, following his/her orders to the best of its ability.

How they go about following these orders depend on their design. The generic worker golem will do exactly as it is told. If that is not possible, it will stop and await instructions. (For example, a worker golem told to move something from one place to another will lift the item and then travel in a strait line to its destination, place the item down, and stop.)

The more expensive ones are capable of some basic reasoning. They learn their daily routine and, when they finish any orders they are given, they return to it.

They are not merely slaves to any passers-by however. They only obey the orders of their owner and anyone who they are told to listen to. Their owner's orders have priority, of course. Most have pre-programmed safeguards that force them to cooperate with the local Guard? and to prevent them from harming anyone except in defense of their owner. Some people can afford to buy a golem without such precautions, but these are not technically legal.

Diet: Golems do not eat, but they do require exposure to sunlight regularly. The crystals that animate them are connected to either pores on the outer part of the creature, or to the eyes or other decorations, and absorb sunlight through them. If given twenty minutes of sunlight a day, a decent golem can function indefinitely.

Habitat: Due to their price, only wealthy cities and individuals can afford them.

Breeding: Golems have not yet advanced to the point where they can manufacture other golems. Instead, they are built by Dryads who can mold? earth and metal into a shell with articulated joints, and then brought to "life" by a crystal singer.

Special Information


  • Golems do not eat, sleep, or tire from work. If they have even the minimum amount of sunlight exposure they can continue without rest.
  • They are obedient servants to their owners.


  • They can't heal. Any damage must be repaired by a trained Dryad or Dao.
  • Even the "smartest" golem requires instruction and is incapable of any logical reasoning.


  • Manual labor
  • House-hold chores, etc.

Origin: In an attempt to replace the Therian slave trade, a number of Dryads tried to create earth elementals that could be used for menial labor. Their first attempts were failures, but once a crystal singer joined their efforts, they managed to create a mobile stone creature using articulated joints and a Shaped shell. Further experimenting led to the design of the modern golem, and more advances in this field are made every day.

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