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Name: Golomp

Category: Monsters

Type: Mammalians

Size: Small

Region: Forest, Grassland, Urban

Rarity: Very Rare to Very Exotic

Lifespan: 8`- 13 years


Golomps are deceptively adorable furry creatures which appear to be completely innocuous. They have long, leathery ears that help them hear and track food. They have somewhat long, fluffy fur that comes in many patterns, with the most common colors and patterns being white/creme and brown.

Golomps are not very big, only ranging from 16 to 19 inches in height. They have only three fingers on each hand and foot, large eyes, sharp little teeth and a tiny button nose.


Normally when around their own kind, golomps are affectionate, although slightly domineering. They take care of each other and are usually always touching each other as though they need constant reassurance the other is there. However, they do not have the most stable mentality and can snap at the flick of a switch, becoming rather mean to each other and bullying the smaller ones.

Towards other species, these little creatures are a huge danger. At first, they act sweet and innocent, but the minute anyone gets too close, they attack by glomping and smothering their unwitting prey to death.

During mating season they are especially dangerous because their instinct to protect their mates and young brings them to bite instead, and their small teeth are sharp enough to break through skin. Golomps have no fear of creatures bigger than themselves, so they are equally dangerous even when discovered alone.

Golomps do not particularly like the humanoid species for the fact they have been hunted by them before, so they become especially hostile towards bipeds and other known predators. However, they are usually nonchalant towards other creatures in their natural habitat, co-existing peacefully until hunger strikes.

Diet: Golomps are omnivores, so they will eat anything and everything, even scavenging off of already killed prey if they can. Their usual diet consists of small bugs and insects, however.

Habitat: Golomps cannot survive in extremely hot or cold conditions, such as deserts or arctic places, so they live in grassy areas (like meadows and forests) where they can either build a shelter or dig a hole deep in the dirt for shade. Tall grasses also offer some protection from predators, helping the creatures to hide despite their height.

Golomps are sometimes found near water sources, but do not get very close since it is not good for their fur to be touched by it. Some golomps have moved into urban areas and abandoned houses, which provide the perfect temperature and the safety they need, as well as shelter from water.

Breeding: Golomps breed every four years during rainstorms in spring. They mate for life, remaining loyal even after their partner dies. They can have a litter of three to six. The female's temperature rises during labour, so the rain serves as cooling and helps to clean the babies.

The little golomps start off as what appears to be fur balls that a cat could have coughed up. However, in only a week's time the litter are almost as big as their parents, and by two weeks are fully matured.

Special Information


  • When wet a Golomps structure changes and for a moment it gains claws and sharper, longer teeth. It lasts for an hour and usually makes the Golomp unstable. It sheds its fur and gains green leathery skin that's tough to break, their personality becoming more devious and violent.


  • Getting wet and transforming leaves a Golomp very weak and unstable. It can usually only take the transformation twice before it dies. The water burning them from the outside in.
  • Extreme heat and cold.

Uses: No one has been able to discover any because of how dangerous they are.

Origin: Golomps were a mistake on Xanth's part. She had meant to make an adorable fluffy creature with high energy, and accidentally mixed another unknown species with the creatures DNA, making the golomp dangerous and unstable instead. As vicious as it could be, however, Xanth could not bring herself to destroy it, deciding instead to leave them alone.

Other Info: Golomps are diurnal creatures, but a few of them that have found homes in urban areas have learned to become nocturnal in order to avoid humanoids.

Creator: Rose?

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