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Emma?17 June 2012, 11:51

Changes made:

  • Moved to Creatures.Golomp-Draft as bestiary pages are titled as the singular not the plural.
  • Added summary.
  • Added commas to inline tag lists.
  • Changed "Very Rare Very Exotic" to "Very Rare to Very Exotic.
  • Reworded some paragraphs and sentences for clarity and standardisation.
  • Added tags.

Changes needed:

  • The golomp's strength, whereby it changes skin and personality when wet, is too similar to a gremlin. Please change this. Though being inspired by something is fine, submissions to EF's wiki should be original.
  • There are a few references to how water affects them throughout the page that will need updating to match.
  • Please elaborate about the golomp's intelligence levels. Very few mammals are capable of building shelter (as opposed to digging tunnels or commandeering natural shelter like caves), so if the golomp is capable of this, there needs to be more information about their intelligence. ;)