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Name: Helfish (also Black Bass, Sun Bass, or Sun Fish)

Category: Useful

Type: Aquatic

Size: Small

Region: Coastal, Aquatic

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 1 `- 7 years/months

How long does the creature normally live for? Try to include the minimum and maximum age possible, or the average.


Helfishes are known for their pitch black scales which glimmer under the sun. They can grow as large as 45cm and pretty much look like any other fish besides that and their slender forked tail.

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Helfishes are particularly fond of riding up to the sands with the waves and basking under the sun for as long as half an hour which usually happens at the first break of morning; they "kick" with their tails to return to sea. This activity is reduced upon the onset of rain or snow or other weather disturbances that hide the sun. This, also, makes catching them very easy.

How does the creature normally behave? Does it act differently towards other species, or at certain times of the year (eg. during mating season some animals might become much more aggressive). For the sake of roleplay, we're especially interested in how it interacts with humanoids.

Diet: Helfish eat anything that's smaller than them although if the prey fights, they tend to back away. They are also known to eat their own young which they often mistake for food if it is still within its first four months.

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Habitat: Helfishes are found mainly in the coastal regions near the Nubian Delta.

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Breeding: The Helfishes reach maturation on their sixth year, at which time they find a mate. Male Helfishes are not burdened with looking after the young and can look for other female Helfishes but female Helfishes can only lay eggs once. They can lay up to four eggs at a time.

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  • Helfishes are mostly eaten. A young Helfish would have moist, tender pinkish meat while an adult one's meat would be coarser, tougher and white. Either kinds of meat have a sweet taste to them.
  • Some skilled crafters also use their scales for jewelry with no special characteristic other than they sparkle under the sun.

Origin: ...

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