Name: The Hind

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Large

Region: Forest, Grassland, Mountains

Rarity: Very exotic

Lifespan: Unknown


The Hind's form depends entirely on its original shape. The first? was created from a wolf and thus had a canine body and traits, while the second? was a mutated feline with instincts and traits inherited from the large cat family.


The Hind are mindless feeding machines, so their aggression levels are through the roof. They attack their prey with abandon, but don't eat right away. Instead, they paralyse their prey and take the still-conscious victim to their den (which is usually somewhere dark and sheltered, such as a basement or sewer), then eat at their leisure. The victim is usually still alive.

Diet: Bent on sating a ravenous hunger, the Hind lives to hunt, mindlessly destroying anything in its path and dragging prey off to its lair to eat later. It will eat anything that was once (or is still) living, but seems to favour humanoids.

Habitat: The Hind prefers temperate climates in rural areas where it has good access to a lot of prey while being able to keep itself hidden. They can be migratory, but they can also keep to the same territory if they find a good location for a den.

Breeding: None. The Hind aren't created through reproduction.

Special Information


  • The Hind's saliva contains a powerful hallucinogen and paralyses anything it bites, slowly killing them from the inside out until the Hind is ready to feast.
  • Hind poison can only be cured by a special concoction made by mixing the blood, heart and venom from a Scorpion King.


  • Hind saliva acts as a powerful hallucinogen and paralytic. This may have its uses in medicine and combat, but none has ever been collected.
  • Hind blood is poisonous but far more deadly to Xanth and her Aides, making it the only weapon known to threaten the gods.

Origin: Hind are created when a Vampire? attempts to infect a Therian. The BloodLust Virus? corrupts the shapeshifter, twisting them physically and driving them insane.

Other Info: The name usually comes with the definite article 'the', rather than 'a' or 'an'. This is assumed to be because Elysian history only records one Hind ever having existed (even though there were actually two across history), and they are so incredibly rare that the chances are remote of more than one ever existing at any one time.

The first Hind? was wiped from existence and memory by Xanth when she panicked at the thought of how dangerous they could be. The second Hind? was destroyed by Elysians who worked together to fight it, but this time Xanth decided to let the knowledge of it remain so that the horror would prevent other Therians from walking the same path.

Creator: Emma?

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