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Name: Hippogriff

Category: Monsters, Mounts

Type: Avians

Size: Large

Region: Forest

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 15 `- 20


The hippogriff has the enlarged head of an eagle, but the body of a horse, and large wings sprouting from the shoulders. From the stomach forward is coated in soft feathers, while the hind portions are covered in a slightly coarse, but very short, hair. The forward legs are formed like an eagle's talons and the skin there is typically a muted shade of yellow. The hind legs, however, are shaped like a horse's, but have tufts of the same feathers that coat the main torso around the solid hooves. The tail consists of long strands of hair that match the tone of shorter hairs on the rear of the beast.

Their feathers are usually various shades of gray, though sometimes they can be an almost solid black or even a fairly pure white. The hippogriff's hair is usually colored in natural shades of white, brown, black, or gray. Brown is the most common of these, though. The beak on their heads is very solid and hooked, allowing them to tear the flesh off of their prey. They grow to be around 5 to 6 feet tall, and around the same long.

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Hippogriffs are very territorial. Despite this, however, they are not the most dangerous of predators, even just in the more open parts of the forest and the foothills in which they reside. They are caught easily even compared to creatures such as the nagrim, and can be trained fairly easily as well. They are only slightly more expensive than a taroch to purchase, so the primary thing that keeps them from being more popular is the sheer amount that the creatures must eat. The cost of this, as well as the fact that a single hippogriff needs the same amount of stable space as at least two other similarly sized mounts to be comfortable (and more to be truly happy), cause the cost of owning a hippogriff to be something that few can afford in the long term.

They hunt much more during the fall because of their tendency to hibernate in the winter, though they do not typically do this in captivity.

Diet: Hippogriffs primarily eat small birds and mammals. In captivity they are also fed more common meat, such as beef, with no ill effects. They must, however, consume at least 15 pounds of this meat weekly.

Habitat: They mainly reside in the more open areas of the Fae Forest? and the edges of the Apolli Mountains? and Sunset Foothills?.

Breeding: Hippogriffs mate for life, with a male and female pair never permanently separating. If one half of the couple should die or be taken away, the other will not pursue a new mate and will proceed to live alone until they die naturally. They mate every spring, though this does not always produce young. In fact, a female will typically only have a foal once every five years or so (and as such a pair will only have 1 to 3 offspring). There is a low mortality in infants, with most surviving to the average age.

Special Information


  • Hippogriffs can fly and run very quickly, making them very good mounts - especially for hunting.


  • They cannot swim, and if they should get caught in a current their wings have a tendency to drag them under and cause them to drown.

Origin: The hippogriff is most certainly one of Xanth's creations due to its species mixed nature. The first record of their appearance in Elysia? is around 7,500 XA

Creator: Russ?

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