Name: Ice Phoenix

Category: Pets, Useful

Type: Avians

Size: Medium

Region: Forest, Grassland

Rarity: Uncommon; Rare pets

Lifespan: 2-3 years


This ice phoenix is a form of peacock similar in many ways to the fire-based phoenix. Most of the bird's base feathers are white or an icy blue colour, with a thinner middle layer of darker shades and then another thinner top layer in the same colour as the base. These layers give the bird a unique lace-patterned appearance.

The detailing on the top layer and tail feathers is a shimmery silver that glistens in the light, making the bird beautifully exotic. Like the phoenix, its feathers are highly sought for decoration in clothing and accessories, though there is less protest against this due to the greater number of the ice phoenix.

It's only able to flare its tail slightly, unlike other peacock breeds, as the tail feathers are much thicker and softer.


They can be aggressive, flaring out the tails to warn off rivals and predators, during mating season and if they feel threatened. They tend to stay away from humanoids, but are otherwise friendly.

Diet: Seeds, flower petals, worms and insects.

Habitat: Sparsely forested areas and meadows. It's also often found on farmland and features regularly as a farm yard pet.

Breeding: They nest on the ground and breed several times a year, rearing up to six chicks at a time.

Special Information


  • They can be bought as farmyard type pets.
  • The ice phoenix's feathers can be used as decoration for clothing and accessories.

Other Info: The ice phoenix is not able to resurrect, unlike its more famous cousin, the phoenix.

Creator: Emma?

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