Name: Imp

Category: Pets (and pests!), Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Tiny

Region: Elysia? in general

Rarity: Very common; Common pets

Lifespan: 16-18 months


Imps are relatively simple creatures that grow to four or five inches in height and are generally viewed as cute but annoying. They're bipeds with very little hair, large ears and eyes, and claws that help them get into awkward spaces.


Imps are dark, shadowy creatures, known for their mischievous and somewhat destructive tendencies, though they rarely go to extremes and usually don't mean any real harm. Imps slink or skitter about, running from one pool of shadow to another. The trickery ascribed to them is generally confined to missing, misplaced, or moved articles (socks, keys, etc) and stubbed toes. Some accounts of imps claim that they are desperately lonely, and always travel in pairs or in mobs. A known imp haunt is the Fae Tree? where a massive population has built a city they call the Imp Capital?, but there is also an imp society inhabiting Xanth's Temple claiming the same.

They have no spoken language, instead communicating with a series of clicks and gestures that don't seem to have any translation in Elysian or English. Led by a king and queen in a quasi-hive society, they can often be found in places like the local cafe tying shoelaces together and, much like mice and rats, can be a serious pest problem.

Diet: Insects, fruits, leaves, and nuts.

Habitat: They prefer shadowy or foresty places. Some like to live in houses and they have become a bit of a pest problem that way. There's also an entire population in Xanth's Temple.

Breeding: They breed like mice or rabbits, which is to say they breed a lot.

Special Information


  • When they work together as part of a mob, they can be a force to be reckoned with.
  • They're also fast and able to get into tiny spaces so they're difficult to corner.


  • If domesticated, imps can make good pets. They're not easily domesticated, though.
  • Imp blood is used in a number of herbal concoctions.

Creator: Emma?

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