Name: Kaunyos (plural: kaunyosu)

Category: Mounts

Type: Aquatic

Size: Huge

Region: Aquatic, Coastal, Freshwater

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 100 years on average


A kaunyos is a creature which resembles a giant turtle. It has a large circular to oval shell on its back which can be used to carry passengers of up to four depending on the specific size of the kaunyos (younger ones tend to be significantly smaller). The hard shells come in many different patterns and hues but are generally blue to green in base color. Unlike turtles, kaunyosu cannot retreat into their shells after they near adult age, for their limbs grow too big.

The long, graceful neck of a kaunyos arches into a horse-like head ending at a petite snout. Kaunyosu possess huge, jewel-like eyes of vivid hues that lend prestige to them as beautiful creatures. They also have long, serpent-like tails with a gem-like segment at the tip. These spheres are highly exquisite and sell at high values in the black market.

Kaunyosu possess exactly six fins for paddling, three on each side of the body. Like the rest of their limbs, these grow larger with age. Elegant as they may look, they contain a considerable amount of power and may be dangerous.

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Kaunyosu are generally gentle, quiet creatures who interact well with humanoids, particular nymphs. Their strange amount of patience and calm movements make them excellent mounts. Although they are not exactly cuddly, they look upon other creatures with a respectful indifference and would rather flee than fight. If necessary, however, they will attack only for the sake of defending themselves.

Around their own kind, they are equally warm, amiable creatures who have a consciousness for another's space. Males and females mate around spring and females bury their eggs at the bottom of rivers or in shallow seawater.

Diet: Kaunyosu are omnivores. They prefer grasses, leaves, and seaweed. They eat fish as well.

Habitat: Clean rivers are preferable for kaunyosu. They can survive in both fresh water and salt water, so many live in the ocean as well. Ocean kaunyosu tend to be larger. Rivers must be large to accomodate their massive sizes, although they have no problem traveling through smaller rivers if space permits.

Breeding: Kaunyosu breed in early spring. Males and females will typically find a quiet location or travel out to sea.

Special Information


  • The meat of kaunyosu has a temporary cooling effect and can reduce heat-induced diseases.


  • Kaunyosu do not fair well in highly polluted waters. It irritates their skin and leaves unwanted or toxic residue on their shells, causing potential corruption.
  • They also dislike loud noises.


  • Their meat can act as a cooling medicine, but kaunyosu are almost never hunted for such a purpose as its effect is not significant enough to be deemed highly useful.

Origin: Kaunyosu may be a relative of the turtle. They originated from the sea and learned to live in rivers.

Other Info:

Creator: Skyla?

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