Name: Khimaira

Category: Monsters, Pets, Useful

Type: Mammalians

Size: Tiny to Large

Region: Forest

Rarity: Rare; Exotic pets

Lifespan: 18 months to 15 years


Khimaira have the body of a lion and a scorpion's tail. They vary in size depending on their generation, but the largest is around the size of an lion.

The more a khimaira splits, the smaller it gets and the less deadly its poison. Eventually, when their forms are about six inches in size, they stop multiplying altogether and dissolve instead.


Khimaira are driven almost constantly by hunger so they're an aggressive species always on the hunt. They tend to cluster into groups following the largest and most aggressive in the pack.

Diet: They're enthusiastic carnivores so they'll eat pretty much anything smaller than them.

Habitat: They prefer forested areas. They originally appeared in Chandric Forest? and have largely remained there.

Breeding: They don't breed in the normal sense of the word. Instead, upon death, they split into two slightly smaller forms. Because of this, aging khimaira, on sensing oncoming death, will commit suicide to ensure the continuation of the species.

Special Information


  • Khimaira cannot be killed in the truest sense of the word. Instead, upon death, they split into two slightly smaller forms so the only way to get rid of them is to burn them with a burst of intense heat, destroying their bodies completely.
  • The poison coming from the khimaira's scorpion-like tail is deadly in first-generation khimaira. It gradually weakens by generation until, when the form is only six or seven inches long, their toxin is virtually harmless and causes little more than a sting and reddened skin around the poisoned area.


  • They are vulnerable to fire.


  • Poison can be extracted from the tail. This poison is deadly when milked from first generation khimaira, but the smaller they get the weaker the poison.
  • The small khimaira, up to about eight inches, are now sold at some pet stores as exotic pets.

Origin: Khimaira are originally from Acantha but began to infest Chandric Forest? when one was dragged through the Acanthan portal by accident. Very few people know the truth of their origin, however, as Xanth has done her level best to keep Acantha secret from her people.

Creator: Emma?

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