Name: Kraken

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Amphibians

Size: Huge

Region: Mostly coastal, but some are fully aquatic

Rarity: Uncommon

Lifespan: 90-120 years


Kraken are giant, octopus-like cephalopods with tentacles completely covered in fleshy suckers and tipped by razor-sharp blades.


Huge beasts that inhabit coastal areas where soft, sandy beaches are plentiful, they bury themselves and can lay dormant for decades between meals. The kraken waits for prey to stumble onto the sand nearby, its tentacles erupting to catch the victim by surprise. By the time the prey is dragged into the centre of the great beast's writhing mass to the giant, crushing beak, the victim's body is often shredded into pieces. Digestion can take years, and some victims may be alive for some of it.

Not all kraken bury themselves in the sand. Some are fully aquatic and live offshore in the deep waters of the Ao Sea?, feeding on fish and preying on unsuspecting fishing boats.

Diet: Lots and lots of fish, but really anything that can be digested.

Habitat: Ocean coastlines where there are soft and sandy beaches.

Breeding: Unknown.

Special Information


  • Kraken suckers keep their vaccuum even after death and are used in a number of industrial processes.
  • The tentacle blades are incredibly sharp and sturdy, making great weapons.
  • The flesh of a kraken is considered a delicacy by dragons and can be used as payment during summoning?.

Creator: Emma?

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