Name: Lampyridae

Category: Monsters, Useful

Type: Insectoids

Size: Tiny

Region: Marshland, specifically Banshee Bogg?

Rarity: Common

Lifespan: 5 days


Lampyridae are small brown beetles that are known to glow in the dark. A queen produces the eggs but is usually buried so deep within the nest she's never seen. Instead, it is the workers and soldiers that are seen hovering over the water and grass, and that light the night sky like fireflies.


Lampyridae do not fear other creatures and have actually been known to land on humanoids deep within the marsh. As long as they do not feel threatened, they're harmless.

Like many small bugs, a single lampyridae can cause little to no harm. When aggravated or threatened, the small bug will burst into flame as a defensive mechanism but a single lampyridae can only leave the slightest burn upon the flesh. If a swarm is threatened, however, or they feel the need to protect their nest, the lampyridae will chase after their target. Only one need ignite to cause a chain reaction and set the entire swarm alight, causing a great deal of damage. If a person is caught in such a swarm they can suffer severe burns and, without fast treatment, die from their injuries.

Unfortunately, this defense also kills the lampyridae instantly.

Diet: Grasses and reeds that grow on marshland.

Habitat: Like bees and ants, they live in hives or nests in wetland and marshy areas where they feed on the soft greenery at water level. They can only be found in Banshee Bogg?.

Breeding: A queen produces eggs deep within the hive that are fertilised by a special rank of males then tended by workers much like bees and ants.

Special Information


  • They can burst into flame as a defence.


  • Bursting into flame can set off a chain reaction that can destroy an entire swarm and kills the burning lampyridae instantly.


  • Upon aggravation, the lampyridae will burst into flame, providing a good source for fire if desperate.
  • When worked up or during harvesting, the lampyridae will often glow in a way that is appealing to most humanoids.

Creator: Dora?

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